Stay Lost

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I heard our song today.
It doesn't bring the same peace it used to,
And I guess it wasn't even our song really,
It was more just my song for you.

I heard it first when we had just started....
... started whatever the fuck we were doing,
And I just knew this was what Love feels like.

This euphoric song that put me in this sense of high without any actual drugs.
The same way I felt when I saw your name flash across my screen.

But just like you, this song no longer brings me joy but sorrow.
It brings up all the memories I thought I had buried a long time ago.

A/n: Hey everyone, It's CHRISSY!! 😂😂 but anyways hope y'all enjoyed this, I wrote it while listening to the song in the media and it is about the song as well. I HAD (past tense for a reason) a very personal connection with this song and both the song as well as the person I was talking about in the poem WERE (that past tense again) very near and dear to my heart.
Love, me💜😘

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