6th Dimension

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The story that is about to happen has not yet happened. But it will happen today. Today on the 29 of February of 2016. A leap year.

A woman in her 40s sat by the window of the Nutty Squirrel pub somewhere close to the Trebarwith Strand in the north coast of Cornwall. She wore not traditional clothes but more so of perhaps an illusionist or a magician. But here, in Cornwall everybody knew here just as “The Lady”. A clumsy waiter walked over to her to hand her morning tea. Everyone was used to her and now nobody even questioned why she was always dressed this way.

Some time further closer to about an hour after the lady received her tea, she saw a young girl enter the pub. The girl looked young, no older than 19 years of age. She had long, dark brown hair that she wore loosely and skin as pale and beautiful as a snow flake in winter. The girl looked over her shoulder at her for a brief moment, while she was waiting at the bar for her order.

The lady examined her carefully but quickly turned her gaze away when she noticed that the girl looked uncomfortable being stared at. Poor girl gets it all the time thought the woman as she remembered the girl’s slender, hourglass figure and big ocean blue eyes.

The lady decided to get back to her thinking but something about this girl made her think that she had seen her before. And that she might see her again.

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