| Ben's Proclamation |

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Prince Benjamin, the soon-to-be king was standing on a stool inside of his bedroom getting fitted for his coronation clothes. While he was being fitted, he looked out of his big window and out towards the isle. Today he was going to tell his parents about his first proclamation.

"How is it possible that you're gonna be crowned king next month? you're just a baby!" His father, King Beast exclaimed, as he entered the room, his arm interlocked with his wife's.

"He's turning 16, dear." Belle, Ben's mother reminded her husband.

"16? That's far too young to be crowned king. I didn't make a good decision until I was at least 42." Beast responded, to his wife.

"Uh, you decided to marry me at 28!" Belle told Beast.

"Ah, it was either you or the teapot!" The king joked, looking over at his son who soon laughed. "Kidding!" 

"Mum,Dad..." Ben spoke, slightly nervous.

Ben was just about to step off his stool to move forward towards his parents, when the tailor stopped him. So he just stayed put to where he was. He then began to speak.

"I've chosen my first official proclamation. I've decided that the children on the isle of the lost be given a chance to live here in Auradon." Ben stopped, as he saw the pure looks of shock, written all over his parents face.

"Every time, i look out at the island, i feel like they've been abandoned." He explained.

"The children of our sworn enemies?!?!?" King Beast shouted, angrily.

"We start out with a few at first, only the ones who need our help the most. I've already chosen them." Ben continued, now stepping down from the stool. This time the tailor didn't stop him from doing so.

"Have you?" Beast questioned. Still quite unsure.

"I gave you a second chance. Who are their parents?" Belle replied. Slightly elbowing her husband gently.

"Cruella De Vil...Jafar...Evil Queen...Sarah Sanderson...and..." Ben continued. "Maleficent..."

Everyone except the prince's mouth dropped in utter shock once they heard the last name he had said, and i'm pretty sure Queen Belle even dropped whatever she was holding as well.

"Maleficent! she is the worst villain in the land!" the king roared, furious.

"Dad. Just hear me out." Ben exclaimed.

"I won't hear of it.  They are guilty of unspeakable crimes." 

"Dad, their children are innocent. Don't you think they deserve a shot at a normal life? Dad?" Ben then argued, as he moved closer to his father.

"I suppose, their children are innocent." Beast answered, now calmer.

Beast then held out his arm for his wife, to take which she gladly took and they proceeded to walk out of their only son's bedroom.

Prince Ben soon sighed and turned his head out towards the isle once again. He sure hoped he had made the right decision to bring the VK's here to Auradon Prep. 

|Ayy guys ty for reading this first part of 'A Villain & A Royal' i hope you guys enjoyed it. Because i sure enjoyed writing it for you people ;3

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