the king of the dark

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mephiles pov 

I watched them talk about her being the blood angel princess. I finally found her my lovely bride, she will be my queen. I watched her as she heads to her room to go to sleep. Now, its my chance to have her to myself. I teleport in the shadows as i watch her sleep peaceful , how cute. I rub her cheek making her groan softly as her ear twitches in a cute way. Now i was about to pick her up suddenly silver open the door and gasps "MEPHILES!!" He yell making my bride wake up and scream at me in fear. The other two hedgehogs as they glare at me. I quickly teleport with her to my castle of the dark. Finally she mine and they can't save you now my princess. 

time skip 

your pov 

You wake up in a dark like room with black candles and crystals everywhere. You rub your head as you have a headache . "ow my head, w where am i..?" You ask yourself as someone comes out from the shadows and look at you.  "well you're in my lovely home my princess." He said as he walk to you rubbing your cheek. You slap his hand away before backing away from him in fear. "w what do you want with me?" You ask the hedgehog with no mouth as he stare at you. "well i want you to be my bride and queen of the dark my love and you don't have a choice love" He said as he begins to walk away to the door and locks the door behind him. You sit alone in the room as you stare at the door.

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