4.5 Excessive Wreckage

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Margo hid beneath the streamship, but it no longer seemed safer than anywhere else. The launch pad tilted. Ummins went sliding towards one edge, and hung there, scrabbling to hold onto each other, catching supply packs and wincing from explosive gunfire.

The ship was going to topple at any second. When it did, it would either crush the crew or knock them off the ledge. Probably both.

The whole pier was coming apart, twisting as if alive. The entire spaceport seemed to have taken on a monstrous life of its own. Only one person seemed unafraid.

Alex stood on the crazily tipping launch pad, unmindful of the quaking pier, the massive falling objects, screaming Torth, whirlwinds, webs of lightning, flying cables, snapped piers, explosions, and the millions of broken things flying through the air.

He must be controlling the chaos. Actually, Margo was unsure if "control" was the right word. Alex looked as grim as death, his eyes practically glowing with intensity, but he looked oblivious to the immediate dangers. He stood amidst the destruction like a colossus; the only steady thing in sight. When he raised his massive fists, lighting arced between his arm spikes and zigzagged off his fingers, towards the guns.

Torth got knocked off their seats. They fell, screaming, clawing at thin air as they tumbled out of sight.

The air seemed to breathe, to gather itself into a whirlwind. Lynn screamed something, but Margo could hardly hear her over the monstrous, inhuman roar which formed words, rolling through the spaceport like thunder.


A scrap of metal whizzed past Margo and embedded itself into a supply pack instead of her body. She didn't realize she'd been nicked until blood began to run down her arm.

"He has to stop!" Lynn clutched Margo, making her gasp in pain. But Lynn was too busy staring at her son in terror to notice anything else.

Alex stepped forward. Just a single step, but when his foot touched the floor, a long moan built, echoing up the endless walls, to the metal bridges and launch platforms above. Launch pads wrenched at crazy angles, spilling ships. Walkways ripped apart. Transports crushed each other like meat in a grinder.

Another spinning chunk of metal whizzed in front of Margo, missing her nose by inches.

She risked a glance towards Thomas. Maybe he had a brilliant plan to get them out of this death zone.

Instead, Thomas seemed madly obsessed with the console. He tapped icons while Weptolyso held the hoverchair steady, shielding the boy with his pebbly body.

Margo wanted to yell at Thomas to focus on survival and forget about opening the ship's hatch. She didn't see how they could possibly blast off with the launch pad severely damaged and the ship teetering.

"Alex!" Lynn crawled desperately towards her son, dodging blasts and shrieking debris that rained down like hail. Her shouts merged with deafening chaos. Margo could barely make out the syllables of his name.

Alex showed no sign that he heard her. He deliberately raised his palms, and steel struts broke with a sound like gigantic bones snapping. An avalanche of spacecrafts and machines crashed into each other, then fell in a jumble of tortured metal.

One of the massive walls began to slowly lean inward. All of the bridges attached to it buckled, then snapped like twigs. Sunlight illuminated a world of dust and ruination.

One of the spinning chunks of metal whistled towards Lynn and plowed into her back. She made a choked sound.

Blood geysered up around the twisted metal scrap. Lynn struggled to move, but she was skewered like meat. Her blood spurted, then spurted again.

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