I have to go

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2 days later

Cici P.O.V.

All of my things were packed up and in the van, I had Mr. Davison send a driver and he was ready to go, I ran up the stairs and into Madison's and Lucas's room and gave Madison a hug, Lucas looked at us weird "Whats wrong," he said. "Well you had her looked up in this room and I missed her," I said hugging her one last time, Lucas just shrugged and started playing with Hope again. "Can I hug her please," I asked Lucas. "I swear if you drop my daughter, you will never look at me the same," He said holding her close, "On second thought, I will just kiss her forehead or something," I said walking over to his side and kissing her forehead and cheeks, she smiled and it was the best part of my day. I walked out without another word and headed to the kitchen were Rain was, she was always there. I ran and hugged her the tightest I could and she did the same, "I love you, lil sis, you better make something of your self," she said hugging me one last time. I jogged outside and saw the van, I ran to the gate and climbed over it, ran to the van and hopped in, "go, sir, if you don't want them to be killed," I warned. Without a second, he burned off "Mr. Davison told me to give you this," he said handing me a phone, I took it with a smile before sitting back. 

Chris P.O.V.

"do you love me," she whispered in my ear, "I mean you have to, I'm a celebrity and sexy," she giggled to herself, she was fine but not Cici, I would have stayed with her but, she crazy and vain. "yeah I love you," I lied while fixing my pillow. I was at my ex-house, she said she just wanted to spend some time to talk to someone, let's just say, one thing led to another and talking turned into something else. "sing for me," she said, I rolled my eyes before singing the song I had been working on, it was called "she ain't you," I made it because of a very simple reason Lily wasn't Cici. 


"why don't you let Kevin sign you or me," she said playing with my curls, "I'm not ready for all of that," I said looking off into space. I don't know why I was feeling bad for sleeping around but, I need to take my stress out on someone plus, I'm getting tired of Cici, it's not like she gonna get mad or something, I'm the best she ever had, so I'm Gucci.

One thing that scares me though is that I'm in love with her, I liked the idea at first but, doesn't that make me weak, she was my weakness and I hated it. August, Lucas and me never had a weakness and now we all did, we didn't like to admit it but, It was true. I could make a girl feel like she was gonna be my baby to the day we die and then leave her the next day, unlike Lucas and August, I played girls using their heart, I thought that would be the case when I bought Cici but, as you can see, it didn't turn out that way, she made my heart fall and It makes me mad because deep down, I know I can't do shit about it, so that's why I'm here now, taking my frustraions out on a woman from my past, I tried to act like I didn't need Cici but, thats a lie, I just get so fucking jelouse when other niggas flirt with her. I know it's not her fault but  It's like i'm not thinking when I'm pissed, I just wanna fight.  (Lily in media)

  (Lily in media)

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Mr.Davison P.O.V.

"Did you transfer the video to her new phone," I asked Lily, my daughter, " Yes dad and when can I come home," she said with that high pitch voice I hated, "in a month now, get closer to him, do anything you can to make him angry at Cici," I said walking to my bedroom "yes sir," she answered hanging up afterwards. 

Cici P.O.V.

I was in his private jet, headed to his house and was having a surprisingly good time. There was food, games, a bedroom and so much more, I was definitely not bored. I looked into the restroom and found a shower, toilet, and sink, along with some bathroom materials, and it looked fancy. It wasn't my first time seeing this because my so-called boyfriend was kinda rich but I was still happy because I needed time to freshen up. I walked to the sink and brushed my teeth, after that, I hoped in the shower and cleaned myself before drying off and putting on my clothes.

 I walked to the sink and brushed my teeth, after that, I hoped in the shower and cleaned myself before drying off and putting on my clothes

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I wanted to try and where some black because Rain said it made me look like a bad ass, which I wasn't. I was about to make something to eat when the phone he gave me rung, I ran to it and picked it up, I saw that it was Mr.Davison and answered. "yes," I said wondering what he wanted, "I can't wait to see you but, there's some bad news," he said with a worried tone. "what is it," I said biting my nails. "I could just tell you when you get here," he said suggesting his option but I wanted to know. "I would rather know now," I said getting nervous, did Chris already find me. "It's about your boyfriend Christopher," he started, lord help me. " I found out who he was so that I could see who I needed to keep you from like you said to do and realized that my....friend...is his girlfriend," he said saying the last part quietly, I instantly started crying. "Are you just saying this so I won't love him," I said crying more "NO I promise," he said with a reassuring voice but, I didn't believe him, "P-prove it then," I said trying to control my self, "Are you sure you want to see this," he said waiting for a response. A part of me wanted to not see and believe he wouldn't do it but, I had to be sure. "Yes," I said waiting for my heart to crush. "Ok," he said hanging up. I waited for about 10 minutes when my phone rung. I picked it up nervously and tapped the notification that appeared on my phone. When I clicked it, a video appeared and I pressed play, the phone instantly roared with moans and slapping of skin, I watched in horror and cried like my life depended on it. She was on top of him, riding him while moaning his name, I can't believe this, I knew he was mad at me but not like this. I dropped the phone and leaned back in my chair and cried, it was all I could do.

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