Chapter 9

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{Fair warning, Ubber long chapter!}

Levy P.O.V

It was the day of the ball, those of us who were going were given the day off while the others prepared. I had never done something like this so Juvia helped me get ready.

Once I was in my dress she brushed a light layer of make up on my face. It gave my pale skin a faint tint. She brushed my hair and put the white head band on. She pulled my bangs forward so they framed my face. She smiled as she adjusted my mask. The last thing was a pair of strappy white heels, making me only slightly shorter than Juvia.

"You look so pretty!"Juvia cried. I helped her get ready as well. She was lightly brushed with make up, her hair fell in waves down her shoulders and she wore simple black heels. She had small black gloves on her hands as an added touch. Her mask was made as a butterfly that hugged her face lightly. it was brushed in silver and blue.

I had seen the one she made Grey, he should be thankful.. I talked her out of making him a heart mask. She had done a simple eye mask, there were intricate designs carved in it that she out lined in white while the base was multi hues of blue.

We walked down the hall arm in arm, excited to see the boys. The grand hall was lit by the large chandelier over the dance floor. An orchestra was set up on one end and they were playing softly. There were hundreds of people in beautiful gowns and suits. I fidgeted with the end of my dress thinking maybe it wasn't right. Juvia lightly smacked my hand." Knock it off. You look great." she smiled at me.

I looked around, trying to find Gajeel when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see the very man I was looking for.

He wore a simple black suit and his hair was pulled into a low pony tail. He wore the mask I made him and the horns looked like they were growing out of his head. He looked so handsome.

He bowed lightly and held his hand out to me. I smiled and curtsied, taking his hand. Juvia had disappeared, probably caught sight of Grey.

Gajeel gently pulled me along onto the dance floor. He wrapped his large hand around my waist and held my hand. My free hand rested on his shoulder and we gently twirled around the dance floor. Our eyes never left each other and we both had small smiles on our faces.

Gajeel pulled me closer,"Levy... There's something I want to tell you." I tilted my head, the feathers on my mask swaying lightly. "Yes?"

He took a deep breath and I saw a tint of pink cross his face."I have been meaning to tell you something... I love you Levy... Iv loved you since I was a boy..." He smiled down at me. I stared up at him wide eyed, if I could have I have blushed.

"Gajeel..."we had stopped dancing as I looked up at him. I took a deep breath. "I love you too."

I had never seen such a large grin on his face. He held me close and I wrapped my arms tightly around him. I looked up at him as he caressed my cheek.

Someone behind us cleared their throat and I looked to see Mirajane. She smiled at us then looked at me. She didn't say anything but I knew why she was there.

"You alright Levy?" Gajeel asked. He must have felt me start to shake. "I'm fine. His Majesty needs me. I'll be right back ok?" It felt like such a lie... Probably because it was. He looked down at me with an eyebrow raised but nodded.

I turned and walked towards a door at the side of the hall. I didn't bother knocking. I walked in to see Siegrain sitting in a chair. I didn't bow or great him, I wouldn't let him push me anymore.

"Welcome Levy." he purred lightly. I gritted my teeth but took a deep breath. "So? What is your answer today?" A sick smiled played in his lips.

"I can't become your bride Siegrain."His eyes widened, but I kept going. "Like every year, I will tell you. I'm in love with the boy who named me all those years ago." I smiled softly. "And I'm in love with the man he has become."

He was silent for a few moments as I saw the anger grow on his face. Before I realized what happened, he was standing in front of me. His hand reached out as he back handed my face. I felt my clay skin crack, starting by my ear and stretching across my nose. It spiderwebbed up and over my eye.

He had also knocked my mask off and it broke on the floor in several large pieces. I didn't care what he did to me, but Gajeel worked so hard on that mask. I knelt down and quickly started picking up the pieces.

He kicked my hand and it started to hall in pieces. He stomped on the mask pieces, along with what little bit fell from my hand. I glared at him.

He went to kick me again but I lept up and bolted from the room. I cradled my broken hand to my chest and covered my face with my good hand.

I made sure no one saw me as I made my way from the hall. I wasn't sure where my legs were carrying me, until I saw the Sakura tree. I heard footsteps but didn't turn until a hand gently grabbed my arm.

"Hey Levy wha-" Gajeel started as I turned to him. His eyes widened as he saw my face. A look of pain crossed his features as he gently touched my face. "Did he do this to you?" his voice was angry while his face was soft with concern.

I looked down and didn't answer. He turned but I grabbed his jacket."Dont... I don't want him to hurt you too..." "But Levy he!" "Please..." I whispered. My voice has never been so weak.

He turned back to me and pulled me into his arms. "Redfox." A voice said. We turned to see Siegrain. Gajeel moved in front of me to shield me.

"You know, when I got her from that ratty shop of yours, I knew I found a treasure. But I think the mold in that place messed with her head... I mean. Ten years straight, how else could she deny a king, for some gruff no body! I'm the most powerful man in the world, how could she not want me?!"

I glared at him and walked in front of Gajeel. "You are no king! You will never be strong as him! You will never measure up t-" Rage flashed across his face. Before I could finish he grabbed his own wrist and pulled. That fragile little blue string snapped.

I couldn't describe how my body felt. Was this what pain was? I felt like every fiber of my being was being torn to shreds. The world faded into darkness, and the last thing I heard was Gajeel screaming my name.

Gajeel P.O.V

My eyes widened as I saw the light fade from Levys eyes.

"LEVY!!!" I dove for her as she crumpled to the ground before she could shatter. "Levy! Levy!!" I cradled her to my chest. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp in my arms. Tears gathered in my eyes as I stared down at her.

"No..."I shook slightly as I held her to me.

The girl I loved was gone. Tears fell from my eyes and I didn't bother wiping them away. My body felt numb. I was so caught in my sorrow that I didn't notice Siegrain pull out how sword. "That one out of the way," I barely heard him. He stood in front of me and lifted his sword above me. I closed my eyes and buried my face in beautiful blue locks as the sword came down.

'I love you Levy..."

{So me thinks Chello might stab me, but I had too! I will update tonight I promise and it will be the last chapter!~Bamboo}

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