Week 31 (3/11 - 3/17)

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I finally got my round pen round instead of the redneck version I had. I'm still using gates instead of panels but we are getting there. I sold a gate a couple weeks ago so hopefully I can go get some more panels soon.

Having my round pen back meant returning to it for work and that's exactly what we did. I wanted to saddle her again so I took that with me. It was just going to be a bit of and all inclusive day as well.

I haven't actually round penned her in awhile so that's where we started. She only turned to the outside once and after I corrected her she didn't do it again. I've always been impressed by how she round pens and this time was no different. She made all her changes quickly and would come to me right away when I whistled.

We worked on her back up to a wiggle which she did quickly and affectively. She also was very soft for flexing. Her back up to nose pressure was better but she still is pretty resistant to it.

I also worked with her on her forequarter yields. I've noticed so much improvement lately on them. She was soft going both ways and didn't fall forward. It was very fuild and mostly put together. I can't wait to put that undersaddle.

I then went ahead and got her saddled. She so far has done really well and doesn't move or get cinchy with it. She hasn't had it on for awhile but she was perfect getting it put on despite that fact. I sent her off to round pen again and while she was walking she had no problems with the saddle. However when I added speed things got a bit more interesting. She reared a couple times and would jump forward but never bucked. She hasn't ever bucked doing anything with me only out in the pasture. It's something I need to watch for when I ride is upward movement. After a few jumps she settled right in and didn't have any problems. I need to saddle her more frequently and that should fix it.

After we were done I brought out some treats and we worked on "treat."  The first one took the longest but she quickly got the hang of it and by the last one I was holding it in the palm of my hand and even if she came close she wouldn't grab it. Very good way to end a session.

I ended up riding her on Saturday. This will have it's own chapter.

My western saddles went to the shop. Mine is getting the fenders shortened and Sunner's is getting a pony latigo made and getting a concho looked at. I hope to have them back by mid-week next week.

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