Stabbing with Chopsticks and Love Sickness (TechiPe)

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Hirate Yurina sat in her desk group during lunch, eyeing Watanabe Rika eating. After the whole ordeal with their teacher, Tokuyama, the class had miraculously come out whole and well. Rika's cry and attempt to take responsibility made the class see the strange girl who clung to her plushie Karaage in a different light, and the class began to interact with her more.

As Yurina had sat in the same table group as Rika during the incident, the short haired detective girl couldn't help but be drawn toward Rika. The way that the false-culprit of the murder held herself was intriguing.

For a moment, as Rika chatted with the headphone wearing Shida and giggled, squeezing Karaage, Yurina felt a tinge of jealousy. She wanted to monopolize Rika's time and find out more about the mysterious girl.

Soon enough, Shida left. Rika noticed Yurina's stare and smiled, somewhat confused. Yurina's eyes widened a little as she noticed what she was doing and averted her eyes for a moment, almost childishly pouting. Rika smiled even brighter in response, squeaking Karaage in delight.

Rika asked, "Hirate-san, are you going to eat that?"

Yurina looked down at the bread in her hands and realized that it was a little mangled, squished by her hands, which had unconsciously been holding it tightly. She loosened her grip and wondered if she wanted to eat it anymore.

Seeing Rika's curious gaze, Yurina couldn't help but nod, "Yea." She stuffed the bread into her mouth; she felt a little self-conscious being watched.

"Hirate-san is cute." Rika giggled.

"Actually, you can just call me Yurina, um, Rika."


The short haired detective girl nodded slowly, watching Rika's reaction. Luckily, Rika seemed happy to call Yurina by her name.

Rika stabbed her chopsticks into her bento's rice again as if using them like a fork. Putting that glob of rice in her mouth, she hummed a song happily to herself. Yurina smiled while watching Rika, completely unaware of her classmates' warm looks and the apathetic group's snickers that they should just kiss already.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Class dismissed for the day. Each clique was heading out. Watanabe Risa and Nagahama Neru were going on a makeshift date with their other friends, Ishimori Nijika and Saitou Fuyuka, tagging along to make sure that they didn't do anything strange. The two Yuis in the class were laughing over new lyrics.

The class rep, Sugai Yuuka, called out to Yurina, "Hey, Techi, do you want to go karaoke?"

Yurina shook her head, "Maybe next time." She spotted the somewhat pushy Moriya Akane getting pushed by the headphone wearing Shida toward Yuuka. Having long deduced Moriya's crush on Yuuka, Yurina silently cheered them on.

Rika had already headed out, leaving for somewhere. Although the class had started making friends with Rika, they still weren't all that close, and Rika wasn't often invited for outings in the spur of the moment.

The short haired girl exited the school building.

She walked through town by herself, looking at shops and whatnot. There was a place with cute accessories and a collection of blue whale shark plushies from an aquarium in Okinawa, and it just made her think of Rika.

Yurina stopped in the shop and bought a plushie.

"What do I name this?" She wondered aloud.

Then, she shook her head. She couldn't believe how much Rika had been on her mind recently, and she couldn't quite figure the reason out. Holding, the whale shark plushie, Yurina continued her way along. Her house was close enough to the school that she could walk there if she really wanted to.

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