Chapter 4

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A week later

It was late night and I still was deciding which swimsuit I would pick. Me and Alex are flying tomorrow out to Saint Lucia, we never really been on a vacation together so this is gonna be our first time and I couldn't be happier. Alex walked in and saw me sitting on the floor with about 20 swimsuits laying around me. "I like this one" he said. I looked at the white bikini and now he said it it was a real cute one. I put in in my suitcase. "Okay what others do you like?" I asked. He picked a couple out and I put them all in my case and then closed it "are you sure you got everything" Alex asked "says who" I said. Alex laughed and picked up my suitcase walking downstairs placing it at the front door, making sure we where ready to go. We had to wake up pretty early so we went to bed. Making sure we got enough sleep.

Perrie and I where sitting in the cab driving to the airport. I was really excited about this holiday cause it was the first time me and perrie would go on vacation together. We had booked private plain as we didn't want to be late or hold up the plain when the paparazzi would see us. Perrie and I took a couple pictures with fans before we boarded the plain.

The whole flight perrie and I just watched some movies or listen to music. Although we had got our sleep last night we managed to still fall asleep. I woke up from a really excited perrie calling my name saying we where about to land. I pit my seatbelt on and saw that perrie was kinda scared so I grabbed her hand and ache smiled at me. As we landed we hog tour suitcases and went into another cab that would drive us to a helicopter who would bring us to the island.

We got to our hotel and it looked beautiful. Actually it wasn't really a hotel it where all kinds of different little houses where you would stay and the houses were standing far apart from each other. Perrie Walked into our house and right away looked at the view, "the view is amazing" she said "mine is way better" I replied. She turned around with a confused look on her face but soon she got what I meant and started to blush "why do you always says things like that to me?" She asked "cause there true" I said as she wrapped her arms around my neck I put mine on her waist. "But I never say things like that to you and that makes me look like I'm a bad girlfriend" she replies sadly "hey" I pulled her chin up "you don't have to say things like that to me as long as you feel like the queen that you are I'm happy" I said to her. She smiled and put her lips on mine, it started off pretty slow but it soon got more passionately. We stopped to catch our breathes "let's finish this later" I said as we walked to our suitcases. I grabbed a pair of swimwear out of it and perrie did the same. She walked in the bathroom to get changed and I changed in the living room. I walked outside and sat on a chair. Our cabin had a balcony that was in the water. Later perrie walked out looking gorgeous like always, I didn't realize she was filming so I just sat there looking at her in awe. When she started laughing I saw her phone and laughed. She posted the video on her story and put her phone down. We both got in the water and I splashed her with water she gasped and splashed water back to me. I gripped her waist and gave her a kiss before pulling her underwater. When she got above the water she looked mad and cute at the same time. "Alex! Why would you do that?" She said whining. I laughed and she jumped on my back pushing me under water, I swam to her and grabbed her waist smiling at each other, we stayed like that for awhile before we end back in the cabin. We both took a shower and got ready for dinner.

At the place we where staying there was a restaurant so we divided that we would just eat there. Perrie and I walked hand in hand to the restaurant, when we got there I asked for a table for two and the lady from the desk walked us to our table. When the waitress came we ordered our food and I caught her flirting with me, I tried to make clear I didn't care but she kept going, I saw it was enjoying perrie so I grabbed her hand "don't worry babe I love you" I said hoping it would help her realize I only had eyes for her.

The waitress was flirting with Alex and I must say I got a bit jealous, Alex grabbed my hand and told me not to worry and that he loved me. It made me realize I was just stupid and shouldn't blame the girl I mean, Alex is a real good looking guy. We got our food and it was delicious. After dinner Alex had to use the restroom so I waited for him to come back when the flirty waitress approached me "hello may I ask if that handsome guy you're with has a girlfriend. I looked weird at her " uuh yes he does. I said kinda annoyed"oh do you think you could give him my number?" Man that girl really started to get on my nerves "why do you wanna give him you're number?" I asked. "Well I mean maybe he likes me better than that stupid girlfriend he is right now" the girl said "uhh that stupid girlfriend you're talking about is me" I said clearly annoyed. "You? Why would he want to have a relationship with you?" The girl asked bitchy "because she is the most amazing person I have ever met and she is actually nice to people" Alex said. I got up and grabbed my bag walking with Alex back to the cabin. "Thank you Alex" I said "I wasn't lying. Alex said. I kissed him and it soon got heated he opened the door of our cabin and we got in still kissing he closed the door locking it. He pushed me in the bed and he pulled my shirt over my head. And yeah you know what happens next.

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