Georgie: Well I've never eaten at Subway so y'know

Jodi: WHAT

Georgie: Lol ikr

Jodi: Hide in there then. It's a better idea.

Georgie: I will.

Jodi: So is there anyone there who can help you?

Georgie: The cashier is really confused as to why I'm hidden under a table.

Jodi: Tell them!

Georgie: She's letting me in the back room!

Jodi: Good. 

Georgie: I'm so nervous

Jodi: What have you told her?

Georgie: Everything. She's letting me stay out here in the back until help comes. She's even getting me some spare clothes in case they've put a tracker on me.

Jodi: Then what are they gonna do with the clothes?

Georgie: Chuck them outside KFC

Jodi: Lol good idea.

Georgie: One of her male colleagues called Joseph is with me now, as she's gone to plant them. 

Jodi: Lovely.

Georgie: I get to stay here until the ACTUAL police come to find me.

Jodi: Yep. 

Georgie: UGH I feel like I'm trapped. I hate this.

Jodi: Me too.

Georgie: Joseph's really fit, y'know.

Jodi: Oh Georgie XD

Georgie: WHAT?! It's legal, he's 15.

Jodi: Wait how?

Georgie: He's not an actual worker, he's just training.

Jodi: Explains why then.

Georgie: He's really friendly, y'know.

Jodi: Good.

Georgie: Anyway, I can't wait to get home,

Jodi: How far away are you?

Georgie: About 2hrs, Idrk

Jodi: OOH

Georgie: What?


Georgie: No way! That's brilliant.

Jodi: Well guess who it is.

Georgie: Who?

Jodi: Some guy called Francis Karrabin. 

Georgie: Dodgy. 

Jodi: And the actual police are about 10 miles away.

Georgie: Bloody hell that was fast

Jodi: Well it is the police.

Georgie: True

Georgie: Nina's back! I've told her the news.

Jodi: Who's Nina?

Georgie: The Subway woman.

Jodi: Oh! 

Georgie: OML a SWAT team's just burst in!

Jodi: XD

Georgie: I've been taken!

Jodi: By them?

Georgie: Yeah, don't worry lmao

Jodi: Hehe

Georgie: I'm in the back of one of the cars, a female officer beside me. She's calming me down because I'm literally shaking so much. 

Jodi: What about those fake police officers?

Georgie: They're in KFC XD A bunch of the crew have gone in to get them, and there's a massive police van waiting. 

Jodi: Good.


Jodi: Yayyy

Georgie: I am so damn hungry I didn't even fricking realise

Jodi: Well, I hope you won't be permanently scarred from this.

Georgie: I have such a bad memory that I'll have forgotten it by tomorrow.

Jodi: Doubt it.

Georgie: Yeah... I'll probably need a three-year therapy membership.

Jodi: Oh fgs XD Don't be so dramatic

Georgie: And off we go. Back home.

Jodi: I'm so excited!

Georgie: Me too, Jodi, me too.

A/N: And we're done :p

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