Part 23 (4)

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Georgie: Jodi?

Jodi: Mm?

Georgie: They're acting strange.

Jodi: Well they're police officers, what do you expect?

Georgie: I know, but they're acting... odd. It isn't normal.

Jodi: Hang on, your Dad wants to talk to me.

Georgie: Oh OK.

Jodi: Georgie... We've got a problem.

Georgie: Yeah?

Jodi: Please don't freak out.

Georgie: I won't.

Jodi: Those people in that car are fakes. They aren't real police officers.

Georgie: What do you mean!? How do you know?

Jodi: These police officers over here are tracking YOU down. Those people that have got you are taking you somewhere. Where is unknown. 

Georgie: Omg

Jodi: Ask if you can go to the services. Escape there.

Georgie: Jodi now I'm terrified.

Jodi: Please. This is why they didn't want you to call me.

Georgie: I've asked. They're letting me go to the services. Are you SURE they're kidnappers?

Jodi: Yep. Call our local police department, you know the number. 

Georgie: There's no point. Plus, if Jenny comes in with me, she'll hear.

Jodi: Once inside, run. Run to the nearest cashier or something. 

Georgie: I will. I'm trying to be calm.

Jodi: You there yet?

Georgie: Fgs! The closest one is five miles. I'm gonna pass out!

Jodi: Don't you dare. 

Georgie: How did I not realise that they were fakes?

Jodi: It's not your fault. You were panicking. 

Georgie: Wooooooooo I need food

Jodi: Lol me

Georgie: Are you telling my parents of everything going on?

Jodi: Yep.

Georgie: How did they know these people were fakes?

Jodi: Well the local police have been trying to trace this kidnapper for a while now. When he stopped to get you, it made it so much easier. Then, when they knew it was him, they followed him. They came to us to tell us that you were missing, and when you were taking to Jenny and that lot, they were confused. There isn't an official police force there, which is illegal itself, so we tracked them and realised they were part of the same gang. 

Georgie: Jesus Christ

Jodi: You at the services yet?

Georgie: Yep. I've ran ahead while they park the car. 

Jodi: Nearest shop?

Georgie: A bloody McDonalds. A place full of teenagers who don't know what to do with themselves. They aren't gonna know what to do! They're gullible too, fgs.

Jodi: Urm... well hide in there.

Georgie: But they probably know that I love McDonalds :/

Jodi: Go somewhere you don't usually eat or just don't like.

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