chapter 4.

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Xukun looked over to me and then back to the guy who stared at me intensily. ''My name is Lin Yanjun. You can call me Yanjun'' he smirked. I released myself from his arm.

''Alright, we should better get going. I don't want to be late.'' As i started to walk, both of them followed me. On my way here I studied the hallways so that I don't get lost tomorrow as well. I was lost in thoughts about this place when a voice interrupted me.

''It's here Y/N..'' I looked back and saw Xukun making a hand gesture stopping me from walking further away. Yanjun was the first one to enter the room.

''Everyone! The teacher is here.'' I could see how they all stood up excited. Xukun looked over to me asking me if I was ready to enter the room. I'm afraid he knows how nervous I am. All I did was giving him a nod and giving myself courage. I formed a fist and whispered ''Fighting!'' I could see how Xukun tried to hold back his laughter.

After Xukun entered the room and positioned himself between the others, I took a step too. As soon as I entered there were clapping and whistling to hear. I was suprised by their reaction. Thinking about that I found myself already smiling. There I was. In the middle of the room. All gazes were on me. I felt how my hands began to sweat.

''Hello everyone! I'm your dance teacher.  I would prefer you calling me just Y/N, because I'll always be there for you as a friend.'' Omg. I turned red. ''Ahh sorry for saying that.. I am so cringey..'' I cupped my cheeks with my hands and turned around.


The next moment I heard the guys cheering and some of them said ''How cute!'' Xukun tried to get their attention as he wanted to say something. ''The reason why she said that is, because she is mostly the same age like us.''

God thank you Xukun.

I slowly felt relieved and turned around. I let out a heavy breath. Don't be such a pussy. I clapped my hands one time to get their attention again. ''Soo.. I already know your choreographie. Shall we get started?'' The last sentence was said a bit louder. Everyone was already hyped and got in their positions.

As I started to go through the dance steps I saw all different kind of persons. Some of them had no problems and some of them just learned slower. But everything's fine with that. I already believe they all are just going to be great.

I felt a gaze burning on my back. Then I looked at the mirror and saw Xukun who was studying every step of me, watching my whole body. The thing is, I don't feel uncomfortable at all. When I start to dance, I'm pushing my shy-self away. Dancing is the only option for me to feel free. I didn't get shy just like that. I was a very loud and out-going person. But that changed after I got hurt several times.

What is that?

I felt something wet rolling down my cheeks. As I looked around I saw a lot of faces but I couldn't tell who everyone was. Everything was blurry. Slowly I reached to my cheeks.

I was crying?

Snap out of it!  I slapped myself with both hands. I felt two hands preventing me from doing that. These hands whiped my tears away. My vision got clearer.

It was Xukun.

After I realised what just happened I made a bow. ''I'm so sorry to see me like this. We should just continue..'' Xukun grabbed my hand. ''If you're not feeling well you should tell me. Even tho you maybe don't trust me. I'll try to be by your side.''

I smiled at him. ''Thanks but I decline. It's really nice of you but I don't want to bother anyone with my problems.'' Before he could say something else the music started playing again. I put aside my emotions and became focused on dancing and teaching.

After the dance practice a guy approached me. ''Are you sure you're okay?'' he asked me with concern. I smiled ''Ah yes. Sorry you had to see me like this.'' The guy is as tall as Yanjun and Xukun. ''No that's okay. I just wanted to make sure that you're okay. We all have some hard times. I hope you'll feel better.'' It's frustrating. ''Yes thanks a lot!'' I took my belongings and left the room.

What am I thinking? I should be the strong one here and trying to cheer them on as good as I can. But as expected I'm just not strong. ''You should do better. You can do better.''

I felt my tears welling up again. Just then someone grabbed me and hugged me as tight as possible telling me everything's gonna be fine. I felt safe.

''I want to see you smile. Just know you're not alone.''


Guys I'm trying to write 1000 words but yeah. I'm sorry ●﹏● And I apologize for this depressing drama there but just know everything will get better!

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