~8~The Boy Who Had No Choice~

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Jaden's pov

~~1 Year Later~~

I shot up,having that nasty dream again. Julia walked over and hugged me as I calmed down.

''The dream again?''She guessed.

'y-yeah..''I nodded and looked at myself in the mirror,the scars said HalfBlood. All over me. I haven't talked to anyone except Julia and Harry. Nick got mad because he doesn't like Draco and I kissed him. Draco insists that it's all his fault that he didn't do anything so he refuses to do anything with me. He sits alone now,I feel bad. I get up and get dressed as I head to the dining hall were some other people were already early as I sat down,I glanced over at Nick sitting far at the end,glaring at me. I rolled my eyes and glanced at the other end were Draco sat,alone. I walked over and sat in front of him as he glanced up.

''Hey.''I showed a slight smile.

''hi..''he frowned.

''don't do that..''I mumbled and grabbed his hand.

''it's all my fault--''he went on.

''it's not. Stop telling yourself you did something wrong because you are incorrect. You didn't know. You had no choice.''I stated a fact.

People started walking in and me and Draco stayed silent for the rest of the time until it was time for class.

~~Skipping till the last period were you get it off so free time. Yay. Brought to you by Dobby's Sock. And ik that I'm messing this story up but I don't care. I'm seeing what I can do for future stories.~~

It was last period and me,Harry,Hermione,and Ron,and of course,nick and Draco were all sitting in the old classroom,completely silent.

''My parents are being a bum. Dad just almost got himself killed.''Ron broke the silence as we all stared at him.

''I know--''Harry mumbled as Ron cut him off.

''you wouldn't know Harry,you're parents are dead.''Ron snapped as we all gasped,both of them standing up.

''Ronald Weasley..!''Hermione hissed.

''Harry,its fine..--sit..''i mumbled as he glanced down at me.

''no.''he mouthed and turned back to Ron. I glanced at nick who was blabbering to Hermione and Draco was silent,glancing at me.

''my parents are going to die,Harry. We don't have enough muggle money to keep everybody healthy.''Ron snapped.

''you think I don't know how this feels?!''Harry hissed.

''no you don't know how it feels!''Ron yelled at Harry,punching him in the face and shoved him into the wall as he stormed out,Hermione,crying,went after him. Nick went the opposite as me,Harry,and Draco were the only ones left. I immedently got up and walked over to Harry,as he was covering his face.

Draco walked over and handed me an ice pack and I nodded as in thanks and gave it to Harry as he held it on his face. we all sat down,in silence.

''I'm sorry.''Draco said loud enough we could hear clearly as he shifted positions in his chair.

''for what Malfoy?''Harry turned his head.

''Everything. I fucked up hard.''Draco admitted.

''Its not your fault..''I mumbled and Draco's eyes flickered over to me,

'I'll forgive you for now Malfoy..''Harry said and left.

''it was my fault. ''Draco told me after Harry left,

''it's not,you had no choice!''I argued.

His gaze softened as he shook his head slowly.

''I had a choice,but I didn't care,''Draco stood.

''you liar,you had no choice! you're family left you alone to figure out your life with everything. they left you alone to solve your own problems,bullying,friends,love..''I stood up and he stepped forward.

''because I let them.''Draco muttered,I felt his breath on my neck as we gazed at eachother helplessly,

''you were just a boy who didn't have the choice. don't you even argue with me Malfoy. you even know I'm right..''I grabbed both of his cold hands.

''I had choices potter, but I didn't use them wisely.''His tone was filled with anger and pain.

I opened my mouth to speak but absolutely nothing came out. Draco was about to speak but I kissed him.

''listen..''I mumbled and hugged him,his body heated up as if he was calming down or controlling his feelings.

''I love you..''he whispered in my ear and I hugged him tighter.

''I love you too..''


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