I'm a fairy princess........part 11

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I laughed as I walked away following the guard through the palace. That little scene I made was too much, it was just so funny. I can't believe how she reacted, it was hilarious. She just comes skipping out wearing the shortest, sluttiest dress no actually I think it might have been shirt!!! And then in less than 5 minutes later shes screaming at him! I hadn't noticed that I had laughed out loud, until the guard turned around and gave me the 'are you on crack?' look.

Shooting him the 'what you looking at?' look we went on walking. I looked around, the palace had a tall ceiling that was held up by marble columns, with the colors black and white everywhere. Finally we stopped outside a bedroom.

"This is your room, princess", the guard muttered bowing his head. I nodded at him and stepped into the room. The walls were stone, like a medival castle. The bed was covered with a soft, lilac colored comforter. And the veiw was amazing. But the best part was, that if I looked out my window I could see a very pissed off Alan walking away from a very slutty Hailey. Oops I did that didn't I? Oh well I got pay-back on both of them. Payback on Hailey because of what she did on my first day at school, and Alan for bringing me here. Well you know what they say, kill two birds with one stone, but me I'm not killing anyone.

But what do I do now? My parents want to kill me, my sister hates me as always, and my twin doesn't want me. Can life get any worse...apparently it can.

Seconds later I heard a knock on my door. I opened it only to reveal the same pissed off Alan I had seen outside my window.

"Hiya Scottie", I said mimicking Hailey's voice. He glared at me, and gave me 'the eye'. I laughed, and watched as his eye twitched. "Did you miss me that much?!", I asked mimicking her voice again. But as he began to shake, I realized my mistake. And all I have to say is never annoy a pissed off royal pain in the ass wolf.

I blinked and when I opened my eyes again I was slammed into the cold stone wall and standing in front of me was a snarling wolf or should I say Prince. I growled back at him showing a silent threat. He turned away, to leave but not before sending me a silent message.

'Get dressed there is a ball downstairs, your dress is hanging in the wardrobe'. And then he left.

How come he can just go all wolfie and come barging into my room and then just tell me to get dressed and go downstairs. Life just isn't fair.


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