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I need friends. I need people I can trust to not rob me blind and manipulate me.

I need the dark side.

-time skip and location skip-

I am standing outside Riddle Manor, in Little Hangleton, preparing to meet with Voldemort. Three knocks on the door and a rather sane Barty Crouch Jr opens it.

"I thought you got kissed at the end of the school year," I stated

"Nah, just a setup. What are you here for anyway Potter?" He replied

"I am here to speak to the Dark Lord."


"Certain...information has come to light and it seems that old Dumbles is not as light as it seems. It will explain more when I have an audience with Voldemort."

"Right. Follow me."

I followed Barty into what seemed to be a throne room. Once inside, I caught the most amazing scent ever. Voldemort was sat at the head of a large table, only, he looked different to the end of the third task. He didn't look like a snake-human hybrid but he had curvy chocolate-brown hair, striking red eyes and had a normal skin tone.

"My lord, I have brought you a visitor, Harry Potter. He says that Dumbledore has done something but he wouldn't go into detail without you being present."

"And, why, should I believe that Potter has any information for me?" The smooth voice of Voldemort said. It sounded like the Diary's voice but more matured.

"Because I can never trust Dumbledore again. He had blocked 65% of my magical core, my creature inheritance and had created an illegal marriage contract between me and one Ginevra Weasley." I replied, but the scent was making it difficult to concentrate.

"And what, pray tell, is your creature and current core level?" Voldemort, too, could smell it. His nose kept twitching like he was trying to block it out.

"My creature is a Dark Veela, so I would be shunned by the light anyway for such a creature, and my core level is currently around the 750 mark without the blocks."

"Interesting," he mused. "Barty, leave us for a moment." Barty left the room swiftly, closing the door behind him. "Can you smell it, Potter? DO you know what that is?"

"N-no?" I stuttered, barely able to contain my creature at this point because the scent was so overpowering.

"It is the way a creature senses their mate. When in close enough proximity, you can smell their distinct scent," he explained. "Do you know the creature of your mate?"

"A vampire, the test said."

"Mhm, that confirms it," Voldemort muttered. "Harry Potter, Do you know what my creature is?" He showed his very distinct fangs.

"Vampire?" I responded.

"Yes, Harry. Do you realise now? Do you realise what all of his means?"

"You're my mate. Oh, god, Voldemort is my mate!" I mused.

"Harry, you may call me Tom in private. It is only proper as you will be by my side in the dark if you so wish."

"Tom, I would love to be by your side in ruling the dark," I agreed. "But, what will I be known as?"

"We will have to discuss that at a later date but for now, I assume you will stay here, in my manor, for the rest of your summer until you go to Hogwarts?"

"Definitely but, during the year, I can get Dumbledore removed as headmaster pretty easily."

"How on earth can you do that?" Tom wondered.

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