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It was a daily routine for Boa to come to work late

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It was a daily routine for Boa to come to work late. Seokjin already knew it and he still hired her. Seokjin loved her enthusiasm and her politeness.

She could be rude sometimes, but it was usually when she worked night shifts or when her cat scratched her in her sleep.

Namjoon knew her schedule and some people would think it was weird if he told anyone. Namjoon was just very a keen and a good observer.

Boa always came to work every day at 2:57 pm, apologizing for being tardy. Usually, she talked to Seokjin for a good six minutes.

Namjoon didn't jack off every day. Even he knew his own limits. He did every once a while, but usually once a week. Of course, he did do it in his own apartment, but he was always turned on at work.

Boa provoked him, and she didn't know it. All she did was sell flowers to customers and tend to them in the back garden.

The sight of her blending in with the beautiful flowers amazed him. The sweet and bitter smells of the flowers would cloud his nose as he watched her work.

Who knew that flowers, along with a female, could easily turn on a guy?

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