Chapter 12: The Lost Weekend

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“Hello beautiful.” he said. “Get dressed; they’re already waiting for us.”

“Who are they? And where are we going? Can’t you just leave me out of it?” I said as I was getting clothes from my bag.

“By they, I mean our friends, it’s Erica’s birthday, so… we’re celebrating it and I told them you’re coming with me.”

I rolled my eyes at him and went back to the bathroom and took a shower. I opted for a jumper, black stripped long sleeves, my brown leather boots and an orange beanie. Lip-gloss is my only make up. It’s a good thing I brought my brown bag. He told me to bring few pieces of clothing.


After a few hours of driving, back and forth bantering and constantly annoying each other, we reached our destination. It’s a hotel, a five star hotel, fancy looking and everything. There’s a big chandelier hanging in the lobby. It’s like everywhere I look things sparkle and glow. The staffs are very welcoming and good looking. I think I saw the receptionist wink at Mason.

James, Erica, Tyler, Josh and Jessica are already in the lobby waiting for us. They’re busy talking among themselves. Tyler’s the one that noticed us approaching them. After the greetings and small talk, we went to the restaurant next to the lobby and a late lunch.

“I didn’t know you were coming.” I whispered to Josh.

“Me too… I didn’t know I was invited, but being best friends with Mason’s soon-to-be step sister has its perks.” He said happily.

“You know about that?”

“Yeah, everybody knows, they just don’t want to say anything about it.”

I nodded in response. Apparently everyone knows about Mason and Andy’s parents except me. I felt someone nudge my elbow, I readied myself for whatever Mason is going to say or do but when I turned around, James’ smile greeted me.

Mason’s POV

I excused myself and went to the bathroom, when I got back James has taken my place next to Blondie; they’re busy talking with each other. Blondie’s laughing at whatever James is saying.  I scoffed.

Whatever James is saying, it’s not that funny. Blondie’s just being polite.

Yeah right, you know for a fact that James is putting his moves on her and you can’t accept that fact because you’re jealous.

What? I am not jealous. I am Mason Carter, I never get jealous.

Keep telling that to yourself.

I went back to our table, I sat across to Blondie. I hate that James can make her laugh like that. I picked up a pea and threw it at Blondie. She glared at me but didn’t do anything, she resumed talking to James. I picked up another piece and threw it at her. This time she retaliated and sticks her tongue out. I laughed at her and she gave me a sarcastic smile.

I don't know what it is but I felt disappointed when she resumed talking to James. I heard Tyler and Jessica chuckle beside me. When I turned around, they’re looking at me with an amused smile playing in their faces.

“What? You’ve never seen a guy throw peas before?” they didn’t respond. They just smiled at me. “You’re both crazy you know that?” I poured my frustration out on my food and ate it like there’s no tomorrow.  


Because Erica’s father owns the hotel, we are free to go to the club and don’t need I.D’s. The guard automatically lets us pass through. The girls, took their time preparing for tonight, they told us that they’d meet us here. We have a table at the VIP area, we’ve already ordered two rounds of drinks and they still haven’t arrived.

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