Chapter 6: Perfect

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I made it through September! Was the only thought that crossed my mind as I strolled behind Joy. Everything about her walk was so sexy. We were on a double date with her best friend, Tanya at the Red Hat Amphitheater attending a festival full of hip hop artists including Vic Mensa, Redman, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Rapsody, Tyler, the Creator, Nipsey Hussle, Young M.A., Dave East, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Talib Kweli, and J. Cole.

The crowd of 6,000 people was easy to maneuver through at the outdoor theater that sat central among the action in downtown Raleigh. The sun had long set in the distance behind the outdoor stage leaving the sky a blackish-purple hue. The bright stage-lights illuminated the area in front of us, while sprinkles of city lights were lit in all directions around us. The early-October breeze was warm enough for us to feel comfortable with just a light jacket, but cool enough to remind us that winter was approaching.

 The early-October breeze was warm enough for us to feel comfortable with just a light jacket, but cool enough to remind us that winter was approaching

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"How long have you been at Lockheed?" Tanya's date who had been introduced to me as Landon Chambers, asked me. He was about the same complexion as me but a little shorter in height.

"I've been there for about five years now working in cyber security," I replied, as we followed the women down the concrete ramp towards where the main seating was. I couldn't peel my eyes off of the high-wasted royal blue striped pants that clung to Joy's body. I honestly just wanted to forget the concert, take my wife home and make love to her. Unfortunately, Joy still wasn't letting it get that far and I had to respect what she was going through because this was all my fault. I still missed her and our intimacy so much. "And you're at Kassore, Mullins, and Reeves?" I asked Landon to keep the conversation flowing. Our women were in a world of their own laughing and talking nonstop in front of us so it was my job to engage with him.

"Yeah, I'm a labor attorney over there," he answered. "I've been there for almost eight years now."

"Okay," I said acknowledging his credentials.

The ushers checked our tickets and led the four of us towards one of the middle sections. Our seats were towards the center of the row. We weren't exactly front row, but our seats were close enough to the stage for us to see all of the action.

"I can't wait to see Dave East," I overheard Tanya tell Joy. The two women sat next to each other in between us.

"I didn't know you were a East fan," her date commented leaning forward. "Which one of his songs do you like the most?"

Tanya looked at Joy in a panic and stalled with how to answer. It made me internally laugh because I knew the only reason she couldn't wait to see Dave East was because she was attracted to him like every other woman who claimed to be a big East fan.

"I like that song he did with Chris Brown," she finally answered.

"You mean Perfect?" I added to help her out. Tanya and I were cool and my wife loved her like a sister so she was automatically that to me, too. I wasn't about to leave her hanging.

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