Chloe’s POV

Yesterday was an eventful day just like I expected it to be. I have come to the conclusion that whenever Mason’s involve there’s bound to be something surprising or embarrassing thing about to happen.

I chuckled as I reminisce what happened yesterday when Principal Conner opened that door and saw me and Mason, rubbing bodies. That look on his face was indescribable. It’s a good thing that Mason’s father was the Mayor. We got off the hook easily. We all stood there awkwardly as he gave a speech about being safe. I am thankful that he didn’t tell any of our parents about yesterday, because if he did I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my mum.

“Whoa, hey… slow down princess. Breakfast?” I heard my dad say from the kitchen.

I didn’t realize he was home. He’s a doctor so he’s always on call and barely home but he tries his best to be there for us. I’m close to my dad even with his busy work. I’m a daddy’s girl.

“Morning dad.” I said as I stopped on my tracks, I went into the kitchen and I gave him a kiss on the cheeks.

“Why aren’t you eating breakfast? I told you it’s-”

“The most important meal of the day, I know, you’ve told me that a thousand times.” I finished his sentence. “But, if I have breakfast, I’m going to be late.” I grabbed an apple from the kitchen counter and took a bite from it. “Happy?”

“Morning sweetie!” my mum said.

“You’re still here? I thought you already left?” I asked her.

“I took the day off… I hope you and your brother already packed your bags…” she said while pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“For what? Why would we…” and then I remember, it’s my Aunt’s birthday on Sunday. We’re flying back to London. Oh god! I have to think of some excuse…

“Chloe! We’ve already told you about this a week ago!” she exclaimed.

 “Oh yes… uhmm… about that Mum, I’ve been meaning to tell you… I can’t go…” I said awkwardly.

“Why is that?” she eyed me.

“Well, we’ve got this science project… that we need to work on. Its due Monday, so… ” I lied.

“Let me get this straight… you’d rather do a science project rather than attend you Aunt’s birthday?”


“Well, honey… we’re the ones telling her to do well in school…” my dad said.

Thank you dad! I gave mum my sweetest smile.

“I’ll sleep over at Andy’s so you don’t have to worry about me.” I added.


“Thanks Mum!” I said and gave her a kiss before heading out.


Mason’s POV

I am thankful that I have gotten to take that gauze out yesterday. It’s nice to be back in civilization. My best buds decided to have a boy’s night out after the ‘flu’ so here I am, downing my 4th beer in one of James’ fathers’ club.

“That one’s hot.” James said. “I’ll take the red head, the blonde’s yours.”  He grinned. I looked over to the girl he’s talking about. Yeah she’s hot and all but I’m not that quite impressed with her, I’m not in the mood to flirt with some girl.

“I think I’ll pass man.” I replied.

“What? She’s hot dude! What’s wrong with you?” he scoffed.

“Nothing, I’m just not in the mood right now. You go and put your moves on her. I’ll wait here with Tyler.” I replied.

“Your lost man.” he said.

 I watch him as he went to where the girl’s are standing and start to make his move. What’s wrong with me tonight? Normally in a night like this I would grab the opportunity and flirt with the girl but not tonight. What’s different? I hear Tyler chuckle beside.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” he said while shaking his head and drinking his beer.


Chloe’s POV

I am woken up from my deep slumber by my angry stomach. I groaned. I reached for my phone and looked at the time. Its 10 minutes pass 3 in the morning. This kind of thing happens to me if I went to bed early. I have what you call a fast metabolism, so the food I eat is easily digested which makes me always hungry. I’m lucky, I know. I can eat and eat and don’t gain that much weight. I cautiously stood up from the bed, not wanting to wake Andy up. I went to the kitchen and looked for something to eat.

Well, Andy’s mum told me earlier to feel at home so… here I am making a sandwich and heating the left over’s from last night.

I am eating my foods when I hear footsteps from the back door. I stopped eating and listened. Definitely someone’s at the back door. I tiptoed and turn the lights off. As much as it pains me, I left the foods at the kitchen counter and hid.

I weighed the odds, if I went upstairs and wake Andy, I would risk being seen by the intruder. So I made the decision to find myself a weapon and try to defend myself. My father taught me a few lessons in fighting so I know a thing or two about it.

Luckily I found a baseball bat near the living room; I picked it up and prepared myself. I heard the door knob of the back door turn and the door creaked open. Oh god! I didn’t think this through, what if there are two people or more? What would I do then? I mentally scold myself.

In the dark, I saw a tall figure go inside. He reeked of alcohol. He stumbled his way through. He was mumbling something but I don’t understand it. My heart is pounding in my chest. I took a deep breath; I waited until his back is turned to me. I carefully, walked towards him, not making any sound. I lifted the baseball bat and was ready to give him a blow to the head when the lights turned on.

I was caught off guard and dropped the baseball bat. The man turned around and faced me; I was ready to kick him in the balls when I recognize who he was.



We both said the same time.

“What are you doing here?” we continued. “No I asked you first.”

I sighed and said. “Fine, I slept over… this is Andy’s house. What’s your excuse?”

He grins at me before answering. “I live here.”


Did he say he lives here? I’ve been to his house. I think I would recognize it if this was their house. He might be very drunk to mistake Andy’s house to theirs.

“I know you’re thinking that I’m very drunk right now to mistake their house for ours, but I’m not. I may look like I’m drunk but I’m not.” He said. “What are you even doing at this hour?” he glanced over the kitchen counter and saw the food. “You’re eating?” he chuckled. “Never have I ever met a girl like you.” He stood up from the floor and walked. “Goodnight Blondie.”

Mason left and I stood there, processing what happened.

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