Chloe’s POV

That day that I was ‘brutally’ assaulting him in front of the bathroom door, my brother walked-in on us. He’s got this confused look on his face, especially when he saw Mason’s nose covered with medical gauze. My mum’s the one that overreacted a lot when she saw that gauze on Mason’s face. She made me apologize to him, which I didn’t do by the way, no matter how many times she threatened me.

Here I am, strolling the hallways of our school, with my head bowed down, Green Day blasting through my ear pods not bothering to look around.

Today’s the day Mason’s going back to school, since the doctors told him that he can take out the gauze on his nose. He’s been telling people here at school that he’s got the cold but I knew better.

 After the night that I went out with James and those stupid thoughts that kept invading my head. I’ve been avoiding Mason for the past 3 weeks, it was easy coz he wasn’t at school and the only time that he can bother me was at our house. Funny, you should think that your own home should be the one place you could feel safe but that illusion is completely ruined thanks to Mason. He’s always finding new ways to annoy me and I’m telling you he’s good.

I’m glad that he could take that stupid gauze out off his face so that he could stop using it whenever he’s at our house to make me do things against my will. Like when he wanted lasagna but I can’t cook so he used his stupid ‘injury’ to make my mum tell me to go buy him take out.


I’m quietly eating my lunch while Andy and Josh are busy arguing over some book. I’ve made it half day through school and Mason hasn’t showed up yet. I hope it stays this way until the end of the day.

 I was starting to feel hopeful about him not showing up when I felt a tray bump my arm. I looked at my side to see who did that, just to be greeted by that annoying smirk I’ve been sick seeing around our house for the past 3 weeks.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Eating lunch, scoot over.” he said in a ‘duh’ tone.

“In our table?” I asked. He didn’t wait for me to scoot over; he just pushed me to the other side and sat next to me.

“Hey guys.” when I looked up, I’m greeted with a smile from James.

“Sup.” said Tyler as he takes the seat next to James.

“What are you guys talking about?” Erica greeted as she sits in our table.

 Soon enough, our table of three became a table of eight. Andy doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable with them eating with us. Josh looks rather happy about what’s happening now as he stares at Erica while eating. Creepy.

“So Mason? Why haven’t you been going to school these past 3 weeks?” Jessica asked.

“I told you, I was sick with a cold.”

“Yeah right.” Erica snorted.

“That kid in my Math class says he’s been seeing you around Chloe’s house, that true?” James asked.

I was waiting for Mason to respond but he didn’t so I answered for him.

“He got a nose job.” I answered casually.

“WHAT??” they all said including Mason and I can see he’s giving me death glares.

“Yeah, my dad’s a doctor so-” before I could finish my sentence, I felt a hand grab my arm and drag me away from the table, outside of the cafeteria and into the storage room.

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