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"Dear Jimin,

    I know you're probably wondering what this is, and why you're getting this. Well, as you can see, I'm gone, and the reason is something you'll have to find out, through these notes."

In which Jimin partakes on a journey that leads him to the one he loves most. What's the prize at the end? Only one way to find out.

Finding You.


Hello you people! Back with another book! This one will be a short story, and in third person, so I hope you will enjoy this!

This is a different writing style for me, so I hope you guys will support this book, and share it with others.

Okay, y'all know what's up, don't copy my work, don't steal my work, I put in time and effort to make this book, and you should do the same for your own instead of plagiarizing others works. All rights are reserved to me.

I don't own Bts! Or Jimin. All I own is me, myself, and I.

Now without further a due, here is Finding You!

Stay Awesome!✌

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