#21. Life

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6 months later

Mona visited the hospital everyday, hoping that today would be the day that her husband would come back to her, but everyday she was disappointed

The first few days were hard. She couldn't eat, barely slept and never wanted to leave Brian's side, which meant taking a shower was out of the question

It took a lot of convincing from her family, friends, and even Brian's family and friends for her to go home and take care of herself

Brian's mother never left his side too. She sold her house in Cape Town and permanently relocated to Johannesburg, to be closer to her son

Her and Mona got close, and alternated between being with Brian. After visiting hours were over, they would both go either to Mona's house or her place and talk for hours before going to bed and waking up to do it all over again the next day

Weeks into Brian's coma, Pac had a talk with Mona about Brian's affairs, and even though Mona knew nothing of the drug business, Pac told her that she was born into it, there was no way she couldn't figure it out

When Mona asked why Pac couldn't take care of the business, Pac replied by saying that he needed to figure out who shot Brian and why. So all of Brian's affairs fell on Mona, and it wasn't an easy task neither

Luckily, she had her family by her side, who showed her a few things, and once she got the hang of it, she became the new Queen Pin of Brian's company and business

That didn't mean that she didn't miss her husband, it just meant that it kept her busy, which would distract her for a few hours

She still missed his touch though, how he'd look at her when he found her amusing or how he'd switch up from being her Brian to the Reaper. Their hearts beat as one, and now that his was practically connected to a life support machine broke hers everyday

Today was no different, she went to take care of some of Brian's affairs, then met up with her mother-in-law at the hospital, "Found a man yet?" Mona looked up from her magazine to look at Brianna

Brianna laughed, "Little girl, I don't have time for a man. My son needs me" she laughed, but soon it died down once she looked Brian

Brandon and Byron came over to visit as often as they could, but seeing as they both had very demanding jobs, they couldn't come as often as they would've liked to

Mona held Brian's hand in her, like she always did, the same sadness that Brianna felt taking over her heart. Six months was a long time to wait on someone to wake up, but she'd wait another six just to see those brown eyes again

She thought she felt Brian's hand clasp her, but chalked it up as his muscles flexing from lack of movement as the doctor once explained would happen

Both Brianna and Mona weren't paying much attention to Brian, and if they had been, they would've noticed that he had opened his eyes

Frowning in confusion as to where he was. He tried to talked, but there was something in his mouth, so he raised his hand, touching it about to pull it out. Brianna saw a hand pass by her face, while she looked down at her magazine, and once she looked up, she yelled in surprise

Brianna's yelp startled Mona, so she too look up to see what the commotion was about, "Brian" she whispered once she saw that he was awake, tears forming in her eyes, as she grabbed onto his arm

His mother stood up, not even bothering to ring the button for the nurse to come quick, she just ran out, yelling that her son was awake

"Brian, babe, don't pull on that, the nurses will be here to get it out your throat" Mona spoke softly, still in shock that Brian had finally woken up

Brian, however, was still confused as to why it looked like he was in the hospital, that is until it all came back to him, slowly

The nurse rushed in, greeting Brian, and disconnecting the breathing tube from his throat and then giving him a glass of water. She told him that he would need to take it easy, as he hadn't spoken in a while. Brian nodded, pretending to heed the nurses warning, but he knew he wouldn't listen so it didn't matter

Once the nurse called the doctor to checked that he didn't have amnesia, she left. Brianna was so happy that she kissed Brian a million times until he waved her off, the questions that were brewing in his head needed to be answered

"How long?" Was his first question

Mona didn't know how to answer it, so Brianna took the reigns, and told him that he'd been in a coma for six months

Brian's eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets, "Business?" His raspy voice had him coughing, of which Mona gave him more water to drink

"I took over, cause Pac needed to find out who did it" Brian nodded in understanding

But then he frowned, "Wait" he paused, "You took over?" He asked surprised that Mona even had to deal with his shady business

Mona nodded, "Didn't have much of a choice" she shrugged

Brian's frown never wavered, he didn't like the fact that Pac had left Mona to deal with the business on her own. Even though she was born into the trade, she didn't know about it, and didn't need to learn it either

He knew that once he got his strength back, he'd have to have a talk with Pac about this shit, "Call Pac" he looked at his mother

Who still had happy tears streaming down her face, "Tell him that...I know who shot me"

His confession had both women frowning, but Brianna did as she was told, cause she could tell from the look in her son's eyes...that there was going to be WAR


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