|| Chapter Six ||

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Although Gundham got decent sleep that night, he was still too tired. Meaning, he didn't want to get up for school. So that's exactly what he didn't do. He unwrapped himself from the blankets, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, before getting up and trudging down the stairs, wincing at the obnoxious creaking. At this point, he didn't understand what was causing the creaks. It could be anything. the age of the house. his weight. anything.

He walked into the kitchen, yawning and rubbing his eyes, a quiet groan leaving his lips. Aiko's school bag was laid out on the table, meaning she was already up.

He soon heard the sound of the door click, and he turned to face it. And there stood his mother, all ready for work, looking like she was going to a wedding. He huffed. She smiled at him, walking over and giving him a hug. "Good morning!" she smiled. Gundham groaned, turning away from her, keeping his head down. "Don't act so nice to me, because everyone in this goddamn house knows that you're going to come home all depressed and shit, just to go straight back up to bed, and completely neglect your children." She bit her lip, playing with the tips of her hair. "I try, Baby. But it's hard.."
"you try?! If you try then why do you never leave your room unless you're working?! Why do me and Aiko walk downstairs and do not get greeted by you?! You're supposed to be our mother, and if you TRY, then you need to try harder because you're not doing a very good job!!" They stared at each other for a few minutes, Gundham's eyes filled with a look of betrayal and anger, his Mother's filled with a look of guilt.

They stared at each other for a while, and then his mother left, leaving to work.
"Some mother she is.." Gundham mumbled, before turning to the doorway to see Aiko, her hands behind her back, her lip between her teeth, tears welling in her eyes. She ran over to her brother, latching herself onto his leg, muffling her sobs. "Hey, hey.. it's gonna be okay.." Gundham's voice was softer now, as he stroked his sisters hair "she's still here for you... she always will be..." She nodded.
And that's what happened, they spent a lot of their morning talking about their favourite memories of their mother, but, little did Aiko know, it was tearing Gundham apart even more. He hated her with a passion, and he knew nothing was going to change that.

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