After walking out of the mine, from noob to uber player, boredom started to grow on me. Like, I really didn't have to do all of the achievements now, right?(Procrastination) I pondered of what else there was to do that was fun. I didn't know anything about this place because back at singleplayer all you do is survive. Hmm, should I start building a home? Nah. Too much work for now.(Extreme procrastination) I'm tired because I was mining and watching things smelt.

As I started walking around the spawn some more I saw Diana chatting with some people. This time she was wearing enchanted diamond armor and she was flying. I rubbed my eyes. Yup. This is actually happening. When she was done she turned around and saw me too. "Hey!" She called out and flew towards me. "Hi. I just couldn't help but noticing how are you doing that." She LOL'd and said, "It's called creative mode. You can't do much with it here unless your in an unclaimed area. Which those are usually messy, and unless your OP. You basically get everything and build anything."

"Sounds un-legit." I said firmly.

"People will think it's legit if you use it legit. I mean don't build and extremely tall diamond block palace or something like that." She said jokingly.

"That's awesome! I've never tried it before though sadly."

"That's a shame!" She said surprised. Then she began to whisper, "I'll grant you the mode to see what it's like, but then I have to take it back because I might get caught."

"Really? Wow thanks!" I said cheerfully.

"Anyways, I'm about to go to a PvP arena with some buddies, and you look all set for it. Do you want to come?"

"Sounds fun!" So then she lowered herself to the ground, and we walked through the portal to the place.

After going out of the other portal, the place had a nether brick building, and it was nighttime. Flowing lava glared through iron barred windows, so it looked like a club almost.

"Ok here you go." Diana typed in a command that gave me creative gamemode. "Press the middle of the control pad to start hovering, and just run to fly anywhere."

I didn't really feel anything until I opened my inventory. My jaw dropped faster than you can stay bloop.

Every item in Minecraft was just sitting there. The blocks, the items, the food! I even looked through it and spotted items I've never seen before. Sponges, Enchantment Bottles, and spawn eggs! I just stood there in amazement, trying to resist just grabbing one of everything. (Except for the diamond blocks, hehehehe.) After closing it, I looked back at the control pad and stared at it.

"What does this do?" I pressed the forward button.

"No no don't!" She shouted but it was too late. I burst forward as if I was traveling in time right through the door. I didn't know how to control it, so I started running in midair.

As I reached the inside there were cobwebs, parkour, and lava pits on the floor including a bunch of battling players, items everywhere.

Since I was still flying as soon as I hit the wall my arms and legs started flailing like a ragdoll. "Ahhh! Help!" I screamed. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to pressed the rest of the control pad's buttons randomly and close my eyes.

This time it became worse as I suddenly started flying in circles and going up and down. Once I opened my eyes again I was flying straight toward two people battling. "Get out of the way!" I screamed as I held out my blockish-fists.

They weren't listening and then I crashed into them like a bowling ball. Both of them flew away in opposite directions. "What the heck?!" One of the guys who got cannonballed said squinting at me.

Apparently I guess everyone else heard that guy and everyone timed out and started watching me as I kept flying uncontrollably.

Its about time. Diana burst through the door flying as well and typed in a command that took my creative mode completely while I was still in big air. The high speeds immediately stopped and I fell straight down like the plane in Madagascar. I hit the ground and lost 5 hearts. Then everyone burst out laughing straight at me. But then someone burst through some double doors in the back that got everyone silent.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" I turned and recognized the figure.


He flew towards me and yelled, "What are you doing causing all of this commotion, and who are you?"

The first thing that anyone would think is What is Notch doing at a PvP arena, and he's not even battling.

"My name is Steve." 

Everyone was staring as he walked closer with the evil eye. "I haven't seen you before, why are you on gamemode? At a PvP Arena?!"

"Uhh.." I shivered at his tone of voice.

Then Diana descended towards me. When she was about to whisper into my ear, Notch called out, "Diana?? Did you give it to him? Don't lie or I shall publicly execute the banhammer upon both of you.

"Yes. But I was just-"

"No buts. No excuses. I don't care if your telling the truth." (Parents logic)

"Forgive me Notch." 

"Don't ever give anyone such a privilege without my permission. This is the only warning you have."


Finally he left back into the double doors in the back, and everyone went back to PvPing. 

"Sorry about that." I said.

"It's all good. Now how about we go PWN some people?!"


We jumped over the rails and onto the arena from where we were standing and started flailing swords. I even got XP and prizes for it. After leveling up a bit, I unlocked a special mode that allows me to use both of my minecraft arms! (Battlegear Mod)

So then I went out right quick and made an extra diamond sword. Then I dived in dual-wielding like a boss. 

Then when I went to an empty space someone came towards me and we immediately started fighting. He had full diamond also and just one sword. As he swung, he noticed that I had two swords in my hand, and he chuckled.

"That isn't going to get you closer to the farlands! Just get some throwing knives if you going to be doing all of that unnecessary slicing." He said taunting.

"What?" My surprise reflex hit him out of balance and he fell to the ground. "Tell me." Then he stood up. I started to act dramatic. (Derp)

"Okay! Notch told everyone that somewhere insanely far away is an extremely rare placed called the Farlands. No one has ever been to it. Some people actually don't believe it. But nowadays that's what everyone is trying to do."

"Has Notch even seen it?" I said pretending to listen.

"He has seen a part of it. He says it looks like a hill chopped in half. Many hills. And you know what else? The other side of the hill isn't there either. He tries to scare people and say 'it's like you're at the end of the world'. Literally!"

"Sounds cool but where is it?" 

"Its not in a specific direction. It actually surrounds the entire world like a box. North, South, East, or West. Choose one path and keep going there for as long as possible." 

"Sounds easy but boring."

"BUT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SCARY PART? Once you're beyond the Farlands, --"

I got tired of listening and I just slapped him with the blade of my sword and left. Then I quickly ran past Diana shouting, "I have to go do something bye!" 

As I ran through the portal, I checked the MineDex. There is no goal for reaching some place called The Farlands. 

But now this is my new achievement. 

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