Chapter 11: Lonely

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"Every single human you bite becomes a vampire??"

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"Every single human you bite becomes a vampire??"


"Why am I an exception?" You question Jimin, who's swings his legs around with every step he takes as he paces around you while you lay on Yoongi's couch, throwing a football you found on the floor up and down. "You're related to a vampire, you already have it in your blood. You've actually got some potential. The side effects to the bite are kind of fading away, but because your body reacted to the bite the way it did, I know just how strong you can be." You have to hide a smirk and deflate your ego by quickly searching for a mirror or window to have a good look at the monster you appear to be.

"Alright, well.. who's Gunho??" Jimin looks up at you. "Gunho??" He sighs, "he's-"


Why and how do they know your name?

You quickly jerk your head around to meet eyes with the two girls you had encountered at the carnival. "Yoongi," You scoff at them before Jimin suddenly stands in front of you, blocking your view of the two girls standing before you.

"Chaeyoung," Lisa snickers under her breath, making sure only her friend could hear he, "she thinks she's better. Prove her wrong."

Chaeyoung glares at Lisa, possessing an expression of shock as she nervously plays with her fingers. Lisa slaps them down so they dangle against Chaeyoung's sides. After a while, she speaks up.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"What??" You answer the blonde's question with a confused look on your face. "I mean.. from the way you look, it's probably been the first time lips have touched you in a while."

Oh, it's on.

"Ooooh," you chuckle, "I get it. I don't meet with your slutty expectations. I totally get that you can't live without taking your weekly dosage of dick, but then again, we are what we eat..."


You hold back a chuckle at Yoongi's sudden appearance and comment. Chaeyoung looks at you with disgust and rolls her eyes. "At least I don't look like one."

"So all you're doing is insulting my current appearance because that's all you can do because I just got bitten by a vampire. I bet that if I wasn't looking like this, you would have no remark left to make." You chuckle at your next snappy response. "Both of us know I did you dirty earlier and all you can do is call me ugly."

"Let's see who's stronger," Lisa smirks.

Jimin's about to jump in and stop what's about to happen, but Yoongi grabs his wrist and mouths, "Let's see how strong Y/N really is." All Jimin can do is nod as he dramatically exhales.

Chaeyoung smirks and puts her arm up, her open palm facing you. A sudden force sends you flying to the wall behind you.


You quickly get back up and mentally prepare yourself before punching Chaeyoung square in the face. She flies faster than you and she ends up carving a hole in the wall with her person as she lays in the pit of destruction.

You try to do what Chaeyoung did to you: you put your hand up and open your palm to face her, and somehow try to use some sort of special power that you're guessing all vampires have. Pretty soon, Chaeyoung is now floating towards your hand, where you grab her and throw her against another wall.

She smells bad.

All of them smell... weird. You don't like it.

The veins crawling up and down your skin fade away and your eyes change color.

They're red.

Your hair changes color from brunette to purple and your canines grow into sharp little blades poking out from under your upper lip. You meet eyes with Jimin and Yoongi, and sniffle a little bit more.

"You guys smell."

You charge towards Yoongi before you end up pinned underneath Jimin with your arched back facing him while he sits on top of you.

"Let go!!" You shriek.


You're still underneath Jimin when tears begin to make an appearance. You look at the world around you.

This reminds you of the fall. It reminds you of the feeling you had when you were falling. You were terrified, yes, but you also felt alone.


It's such a simple word with such a complex definition. That short, five-letter word means you have nobody. It means you won't get near a single person, and they won't even look at you.

It's just you, or whatever object the word targets.

Right now you're that target, and the cold truth? It angers you.

So you growl and break free from Jimin's hold and grab him by his shirt. You lift him up and look at him with your deep, red eyes. You want to say something intimidating, something frightening. Something to make him feel guilt. But instead, you exhale and look him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry."

You chuck him through the now shattered window and he flies into the sky until he becomes a dot, and eventually he disappears.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" Yoongi starts in your direction, but you hold a hand up for him to run straight into. You lean over his sprawled figure and you click your tongue. "This wouldn't have happened if you put yourself and your brothers over your bloodlust."

You leave Yoongi's apartment trashed and filled with sorrow and guilt.

Sorrow because Chaeyoung feels terrible.

Guilt because Lisa added gasoline to the flame and because of Yoongi's new mindset: This was all his fault. If he hadn't dug his fangs into your neck, you wouldn't have been as strong enough to chuck Jimin as far as the eye can see.

You feel evil— powerful, even— and you love it. Your blood is rushing through your veins and your adrenaline follows. As your hand reaches for the doors to the building, another hand follows from your peripheral to your hand. You look back to see a tall, lean man who's smirking at you.

He looks impressed.

"You're already better than Bangtan. Let's take 'em down."

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