chapter nine ; we all fall down

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november. 2009

Thirst. Hunger. Fear. Tiredness. Sadness. Anger.

Those were just a few of the emotions that Finn and Millie were feeling. They'd been locked in the trunk of Jacob's car for over six hours. They had little to no room to move around and it was hot as hell in there. Plus, they had no idea where Jacob was taking them. Both the teens assumed that he was just going to execute them and then throw the bodies in the river, or soomething like that.

"The car stopped." Finn muttered suddenly whenever he realized they were no longer moving. His mouth was so dry that it made it quite difficult to speak. He was literally dying of thirst. Neither of them had drank anything in a long time.

All of a sudden the trunk opened. Millie and Finn were instantly blinded by the bright sunlight shining in their faces. Whenever he regained his sight, Finn noticed they were in the middle of the desert. He also saw Jacob standing a few feet away from them, he was holding an AK-47 rifle.

"Agh!" Millie screamed as she attempted to jump out of the trunk and rush the young man. Unfortunately, Jacob punched her in the face and she fell back onto the ground.

He held his firearm to her head and placed a finger on the trigger. "Don't do that again, you little bitch."

All Finn could do was gulp in fear and slowly get out of the car. He was so scared he felt like he was going to vomit. All he could do was try his best to stay calm.

"What are you looking at!? Get in the house!" Jacob yelled, pointing to a small wooden cabin in the distance.

It was hard for both Finn and Millie to walk. They were weak from lack of food and water, furthermore, their leg muscles were in a lot of pain from being stuffed in the trunk. However, they knew that if they stopped moving, Jacob would shoot them.

When they got to the little building, Finn carefully opened the door. He peered his head inside and saw an old man in a wheel chair. Millie followed her curly haired friend into the house and stood next to him. Her entire body was shaking because of her fear and anxiety.

"Sit on the couch." Jacob commanded. The two teenagers did exactly as the man told them. They took a seat next to eachother on the grey sofa.

He tossed a large bottle of water on the coffee table. Finn quickly grabbed it and ripped the bottle cap off. After he was done chugging the cool liquid, he handed the bottle to his friend.

When they were done drinking, Millie and Finn shared a quick glance while the dangerous young man put his rifle on a gun rack. He then walked over to the couch and scoffed at his two hostages. He loved the feeling of having power over another human.

In a way, having power as a drug lord fullfilled his fantasy of becoming a famous entertainer.

"Do you wanna know what's gonna happen to you?" He asked deviously, a look of pure terror on his face. Finn shrugged, he didn't want to make a wrong move.

"Heisenberg, or should I say, Finn Wolfhard. Yeah, I know your real name you little bitch. I know a lot of things about you. Y'know, I just love doing business with a family man. There's always so much collateral."

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