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by parnikalal



Leigh Ann believes in love at first sight when she first meets Ashton Ingle. Except she falls in love with him, but he doesn't. She tries to move on from him, only to find her heart still lingering there.

Follow her on this incredible journey as she learns what it means to love someone from a distance and learn the real essence of life.


I scroll through the photographs, available on the website. My heart races and I feel some butterflies in my stomach. I feel jittery as the website opens, making me breathless.

The photograph becomes visible to me and I became astounded. Some sweat appears on my forehead and my heart aches by the sight of the photograph.

It is him. I don't believe it. 

I feel myself breaking down in tears, the tears escape from my glands and run down my cheeks. I feel as if a knife pierced through my heart. 

It is him. He is with her. 

The world around me collapses and I try to keep myself stable. The tears continue to flow, non stop. They seem to have no end and keep torturing me from the inside. 

I love him, with all my heart. 

The truth is harsh, the world is harsh and the reality is a silent killer. When you love someone, you want to see them happy, even if they can't be with you. But, somewhere it hurts to see them, with someone else. 

He looks happy with her, I know that my expectations are high. My desire to be with him, is the reason for my sadness today. I want to be with him, but love can't be forced. I can't force him to love me. 

But still, I love him. 

One sided love is painful. It is something that causes you agony, and happiness too. The emptiness that can only be filled by only one person, is really frustrating at times. 

Some people are meant to be admired from a distance. But, what about desires? 

Desires can be dangerous. 

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