Four - Home Base

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Four – Home Base

Charlie had almost thought she was in Heaven, like she had never left, with what she dreamed about. Scarlett was there, waiting for her. They did the mundane things of cuddling and watching movies, all while resisting the temptation to ignore the movie playing and move onto more fun adult activities.

The dream shattered when she heard Meg's voice.

Groggily, Charlie pulled her head off of Jessica's shoulder. Her neck felt really stiff, and she saw Jessica's head resting straight back, her head tilted to the ceiling of the car. She saw no movement up front from Jo, so she had to be asleep.

"Good, you heard me," said Meg. Charlie yawned. "I asked if this is the right place."

Stretching minimally, Charlie got out of the car, leaving the door open, as she and Meg climbed out of their respective seats. They went around the right side of the car, and Charlie felt nostalgia wash over her. To drivers running on past, this wouldn't look like a bunker. They would miss the hidden stairs that led to the bunker's door. The only thing missing from here was the Impala.

"Yeah, this is it," said Charlie, yawning again. Man, how she wished to be back in Heaven with Scarlett. At least there she could have a consistent sleep schedule. It was one of the things she didn't miss about being on Earth.

The sky was getting lighter, dawn was on its way. She could hear birds communicating with each other in the ungodly hours of the morning. She watched as Meg went to the car, banging on it loudly. Charlie rolled her eyes as she saw Jo and Jessica startle awake, hearing Jo curse loudly.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauties," Meg called. "We're here." Charlie saw Jo and Jessica make their sleepy crawls out of the car while Meg went around back to the trunk to retrieve the demon. "Gonna need a hand back here."

Charlie and Jo went to the trunk, pulling out the demon, while Meg hung back to watch. Jo shut the trunk, taking sole custody of the captured demon, as Charlie took lead in going to the bunker steps. The five of them entered through the small hall after the first door.

Once they went through a second door, Charlie felt like she was home. Seeing the war room and the library brought back memories for her, some good and some not-so-good. Using the railing for balance, she went down the steps.

"Where's Castiel?" asked Jessica. "He said he'd meet us here."

"Maybe he's playing Hide and Seek," Meg said.

"Or maybe he's dead," hissed the demon.

"Highly doubtful," said Jo. "Don't worry, if anyone's gonna be dead soon, it'll be you."

But as the five of them crossed the war room and into the library, Castiel did not show. Cas, you hear me? We're here. Library. We've got the demon.

But the angel didn't appear.

Charlie's brows creased. That's unusual, he answered me the first time I called.

"Is he pulling a prank or something?" asked Jessica in a half-irritated voice.

"Doubtful, he's not the joking type," said Meg.

He must have a good reason for not coming, thought Charlie. He's probably following a lead too big to turn away from. That's what she was convincing herself of at least.

"What exactly is this place?" asked Jo.

"A bunker. It belonged to a group called the Men of Letters. They were kind of like hunters but more...sophisticated, I guess. This place is a supernatural library, and I haven't discovered all of its secrets yet. It's pretty awesome."

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