chapter 6

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"And- done!" Marinette dusted her hands. All of you looked at the macarons and stared in amazement. Praises were thrown at the pastry. Soon, Nino took pictures of it while the four of you cleaned the kitchen.

After cleaning up, you set up the TV and picked a random horror movie. Just as it started, you turned the lights off. Marinette hugged her knees and was looking down every once in a while.

"Hey, you okay, Mari?" You asked her with the nickname Alya also coined for her. Marinette was sitting on the floor with you and Adrien, while Nino and Alya were sitting at the sofa.

Marinette fliched. "Uh, yeah! I'm okay," she quickly replied, giving you an obviously uneasy smile. "I'm... alright, I guess." 

You raised an eyebrow. "You're scared, aren't you?" You questioned. She didn't answer, but when the movie started off with a loud bass, the bluebell-eyed girl jumped and covered her ears slightly.

"It's okay, Marinette," Adrien comforted by patting her in the back. He sent her a smile that was rather contagious, so she smiled as well. You nodded slightly and went back to watch the movie.

It was really quiet. The white girl in the movie was heading towards a door that contained a room where the sound was coming from. You were yelling curses towards the girl, and your friends agreed. The protagonist was very stupid and gullible. When she opened the door and walked inside, there was no music. You were expecting a jumpscare since every horror movies always do the tactic where they mute the music before scaring the audience with the sudden bass and suspense music.

So, the jumpscare appeared. You barely winced. It was really expected, but the girl beside you thought otherwise. Marinette screamed aloud, trying her best to lower down the volume and closing her eyes tightly. Adrien laughed at her, but he's not looking. He soothed Marinette's back, while Nino and Alya were hugging each other.

It was nearly the end, where the antagonist goes to kill. They began to chase everyone. You widen your eyes in anticipation, Nino was screaming and cheering for the good guys. Alya was cheering with him. Adrien was still comforting Marinette.

You're by yourself.

You felt a slight breeze as the killer dragged the axe across the body. You shivered and hugged yourself.

The movie ended, and the credits rolled upwards. You stretched your back and went to turn the lights on. You huffed and smiled. "So, how's the movie?"

Marinette was clearly traumatized and the others were laughing lightly. "I think I won't be able to sleep tonight..." she stated. Everyone gave her a courageous smile.

"That's okay, Marinette."

"Yeah, you're going to be fine."

"We love you, Mari."

"You can do it, lol."


The next day, and the weeks after that, your friendship began to grow. It consisted of laughing, posing for a photo, hanging out as someone's place, and just full of happiness.

You and Nathaniel were closer than ever, too. He let you copy his homework as you let him copy yours. You passed out notes during classes, afraid that the teacher will see, but it was successful.

You and Adrien were still teasing each other, but it was really fun. Sometimes, you would be eating outside and just know each other better--

No. It's definitely not a date. Once they assume that the two of you were dating, you would immediately refuse and hide the blush of embarassment on your face. Adrien would just laugh.


"So," you started, biting on your fries. "Truth or dare?"

Adrien thought for a moment before looking at you in the eye with a smirk. "Truth."

You narrowed your eyes, pointing your fries at his face. You kept your voice down low. "Do you... have a crush on someone?" He looked sideways with a light smile, giving you the idea that he has. "You do!" You grinned.

"What's the problem?" Adrien raised an eyebrow. "Do you have a crush on someone?" He saw your eyes go wide and your cheeks flushed.

"Wh-why are you putting this on me? I'm asking you!" You furrowed your eyebrows in irritation. Staring down at his own plate of fries, you smiled and snatched a handful, putting it in your plate.

"H-hey!!" Adrien playfully glared, snatching the fries back. "Those were my fries!"

You huffed and grabbed two, eating them whole without choking. You watched him watching you swallow with pure sadness. "Well you're messing with me. You deserve your fries to disappear." You rolled you eyes when you saw him pout.

"Y/N!" He whined quietly, giving sad eyes. You scoffed in return, eating your fries in silence.

"Just stop," you shook your head. "Let's change the topic. How's home?" You were now back in your normal self. You placed your head on top of the back of your hands.

Adrien dropped the subject and looked outside the window. "Oh, I don't know. Fine, I guess?" He shrugged and tapped the table with his pointer finger. "I mean, it's a normal day for me. Still as usual as it is." He smiled in your way. "How about you?"

You told him about everything that had happened, and he listened.

You smiled in the end. "You know, you're a pretty good listener." Adrien laughed and thanked you, taking a sip of his beverage. You checked your watch and saw that it was almost sundown, so you picked up your things and quickly drank your cup-filled drink. "I think I have to go."

He watched you get ready and presented a warm smile. "You could come with me, if you'd like. I-I can take you home..." He trailed off, waiting for your reaction.

You raised your eyebrows. "Okay," you replied and smiled in gratitude. You sat down again and the two of you waited for Adrien's limo. While waiting, you killed time by playing, playing, and playing.

After a few minutes, Adrien heard a familiar honk. He looked outside and saw the vehicle. He picked up the strap of his shoulder bag and smiled at you. "That's our cue." You nodded and wore your bag, carrying your other books.

Arriving at the vehicle, Adrien opened the door for you and you stepped in. You were silent, as this was your first time in his limo after all. He then sat beside you closely... a little too close for your liking. You scooted away, trying to be unnoticed by the boy beside you.

Thankfully, he didn't.

You sighed in relief as soon as your skins weren't touching anymore. The whole ride was comfortably quiet, now with Adrien not too close to you. You gazed out the window, collecting your thoughts and thinking what will happen tomorrow.

Finally, the vehicle was now infront of your house.

You turned to him, ready to say good bye. "Thanks Adrien. I'll see you on Monday."

"Y-yeah, I'll... I'll see you." He smiled and waved. You waved back and said good bye to the driver as well. Adrien started calling him the gorilla and it was really funny seeing his reaction.

You opened the locked door and saw his limo drove away. You heavily sighed and walked inside, wanting to sleep more than anything.

end of chapter six


that was a really lengthy chapter. thanks for reading!!

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