Three - Sentry Duty

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"There!" said one demon, seeing his comrade fly away from the door. With a cry, Meg threw the weapon at the nearest demon. Instead of sinking into him, it sunk into the door, which hadn't been opened. The demon plucked the weapon from the door, smiling. "Thanks, doll."

He kicked the door open, and the three demons made their way in.

Meg heard a shrill scream, which was most likely Jessica. She heard the fight noises as she made her way into the open door—or, well, tried to, as she nearly got flattened by a demon who got launched out of the doorway. A knife was lodged in his heart. Meg went to the body, plucking the weapon out. Thanks.

Meg made her way inside, seeing Jessica cowering in a corner, as Jo and Charlie had a demon each to contend with. Jo fought to keep a knife from puncturing her eye as she was pinned against a wall. Charlie had grabbed the nearest lamp and used that as a weapon to defend herself. Meg took the demon who was after Charlie, kicking him on the back of his legs. As he turned his head, Charlie threw the lamp at the demon's head, causing him to keel onto the bed.

Like a cat, Meg jumped onto the demon, ending his life with a knife in his throat. Blood spurted out from the wound, dotting Meg's face and staining the bed, and a little bit of the ceiling as well. As she crouched, she watched Jo move out of the way, the knife puncturing the wall she was backed up against. Meg launched herself off of the bed, prepared to jump onto the demon's back. But he noticed and swung an arm out, connecting with Meg's stomach. She fell onto the unoccupied bed, bouncing off, falling into the crack between the bed and the wall. She cursed as she realized she lost the knife in the process.

As Meg struggled to her feet, she saw Jo kick away the demon, and out of nowhere, Jessica came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his neck, putting a knife to his throat. Jo panted, Jessica's body shook from apparent adrenaline.

"Kill him," Meg hissed. "There might be more."

"No, don't," Jo said. "We can use him. They came after us for a reason. This wasn't random."

"I'm with Jo," said Charlie, who was bent over, catching her breath. She had a cut above her right eyebrow that bled slightly, but she otherwise looked unharmed. "Let's take him with us. The boys have a place in the bunker where we can store him and get what we need."

"Good luck with that. I'll have you all dead before you leave this room," the demon hissed.

"Not likely."

Meg turned her head as Castiel entered with a pair of handcuffs.

"Kinky," Meg purred. Castiel rolled his eyes as he cuffed the demon. "Shame, I thought those were for me."

"Good, you heard me," Charlie said to Castiel.

"Nothing warded you, so it was fairly easy to hear you."

"How come you don't hang around, Castiel?" asked Jessica, who held the demon by the crook of his arm as she and the angel got him to stand on his feet.

"I have my mission, you have yours. While you four work on him, I'll be trying to find any leads that I can on my end. Try not to kill each other in the meantime."

"So far, that seems manageable," said Jo. "Will you still meet us at the bunker?"

"Yes. That's where I was when I heard Charlie's call."

"Still not strong enough to teleport us there, Clarence?" asked Meg.

"Unfortunately, no. Just strong enough to get myself places."

Meg nodded slowly. "I guess we'll see you there." Castiel disappeared at the blink of an eye. Meg saw Jessica flinch. "Alright, let's load this bastard up and head to Kansas."

"But we were sleeping!" Jessica protested.

"Hey, I'm all for you staying behind." Meg shrugged. "If you don't want to be a target, get in the damn car. You can sleep then, or when you're dead, doesn't matter to me." Meg took the demon from Jessica. "We're all gonna have a nice chat."

"I won't give you anything," the demon hissed as Meg escorted him out of the motel room. She heard the girls clearing out the room.

"Oh, we'll make you sing. You made the mistake of underestimating us, buddy." Meg looked over her shoulder, seeing the girls flick the light off in the room and shut the door. "Who's driving?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but, you are," Charlie told her as she, Jessica, and Jo met Meg and the demon at the car. "We still need sleep, unlike you two."

"Fine, then I call shotgun," the demon said haughtily.

"Nope, you get the VIP spot." Meg pushed the demon around the back, popping open the trunk. She smiled at the Devil's Trap painted on the underside of the trunk hood. One step ahead, aren't you, Castiel? With a little bit of demon magic, Meg pushed the demon into the trunk and then slammed the hood shut.

Dusting her hands off, she went back to the driver's side, where Jo was in shotgun, with Charlie and Jessica in the back. All looked like the walking dead.

"Rest easy, girls," Meg told them all as she started the engine.

"I will once we get to this bunker," Jo said tiredly, rubbing her eyes like a little girl. "I better not wake up in a ditch or on the side of a road."

"If that happens, that'll be because our friend got out from the trunk, not because of me."

"Will he be able to?" asked Jessica.

"Get out? No, Castiel was nice enough to stick a Devil's Trap on the trunk hood. He isn't going anywhere. Just means one of you will have to pull him out when we get there."

The car fell into sleepy silence as Meg pulled away from the motel, continuing the girls' road to Kansas.

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