Three – Sentry Duty

Meg continued to kick herself in the ass as she stood guard in the middle of the night while the other girls got their rest. Why did she think to take Castiel's offer in the first place? He didn't exactly give all the details. Like, for one, pulling three girls from Heaven to help the cause. He tricked me, the winged bastard.

Now, here she was, being patrol for a bunch of humans, one who wanted her dead. I escaped to help Castiel, not these bitches. Meg licked her lips. She didn't know why she felt dutiful to stand around the motel room. She could be doing so many other things right now, like, killing people or terrorizing them. She wasn't a babysitter.

It wasn't like Castiel had some hold over her. But he would know, somehow, if I left. Damn angel. She knew one thing for certain: once this thing was done, no matter the outcome, she was sure as hell not going back to Purgatory. Ever.

Meg's hairs stood on end. She knew this was far from a coincidence. Someone had to have caught on already that the Winchesters' had a rescue squad.

Meg saw them, five in total walking across the ghost-town motel parking lot. All of them were male, but she knew they were demons. She saw their true faces, curtesy of being a demon herself. They each had a weapon, she had none. Castiel didn't think to drop us off some weapons. Idiot.

"Well, hello, boys, what can I do for you?" Meg strolled away from her post, taking her time to meet her opponents.

"Weren't you dead?" asked one.

Meg smirked. "Don't believe everything you hear. Again, I ask, what can I do for you?"

"Tell us where they are."

"Where who are?"

"Listen, bitch, we know you're in league with them," said another demon, one about Meg's height. "News travels fast nowadays."

"It'd be nice if you elaborated." Meg crossed her arms.

"Word has it you've got a team assembled to save the Winchesters."

"They're not my team." She clicked her tongue impatiently. "Look, let's just end this on a good note where you all run with your tails between your legs and your lives spared."

"It's five against one. We like our odds," said a third demon, who's blade jiggled in their hand in anticipation.

Meg ran her tongue over her teeth. Five against one. I have better chance of beating these mooks than I did trying to kill Crowley, and that's without a weapon. "Safe to say I like mine too."

They all converged at once, enclosing Meg in a circle. She used her height to her advantage, striking the demons in their weak points, fumbling to grab just one weapon, something that would most definitely help save her ass. When she felt a knife hilt, Meg smirked. She realized, as she struck down one demon, that she was now only facing two instead of four. She saw two fleeing, searching the motel for the door the other three were staying behind.

Meg cried out, feeling a jab in her right shoulder. Growling, flashing her demon eyes, she spun around, cutting the demon's throat open. He collapsed in a gurgling fit, face hitting the pavement. Meg snorted down at him and realized that her third opponent decided to join the search for the girls. Damn it.

Meg switched the weapon into her left hand, as her right shoulder was killing her now. She trotted as fast as she could after the demons, using her power to fling one away from the girls' room.

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