Chapter One: Cold Beginnings

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The Fall of Krypton: Universe 42

The video crackled to life, and the face of a beautiful woman with rich, brown hair and warm eyes filled the screen. Her hair was in disarray and her tear-filled eyes were tainted with pain and fear. A loud crash resonated in the background and the camera shook. The woman sat back to reveal a small dark room. A young, blonde girl threw herself to the woman and clung to her side, silent tears trailing down the child's cheeks.

"Shh, Kara," the woman said soothingly. She held the girl close and rubbed her back. The woman turned her attention back to the screen and bravely took in a deep breath. "My name is Alura." Another crash sounded in the distance, and the camera trembled. "I am," she paused, "I was in charge of the prison Fort Rozz on the planet Krypton."

A loud boom mightily shook the camera, and Kara whimpered.

Alura turned her attention back to the camera. "Krypton is dying. There is no hope for us." Tears began to run down her face, but her resolve never changed. "My husband, Zor-El, is dead."

Kara buried her face into her mother, her body shaking as she sobbed.

Alura swallowed. "He was murdered by General Zod just before the planet began to fall. General Zod knew the planet's end was coming, and he -" a loud crackle startled Alura, and she looked at the ceiling.

Kara looked up, too and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She turned to her mother, fear written on her face.

Alura looked at her daughter before turning to the screen once more. "General Zod and his followers escaped. I am sending this signal as a warning for anyone who receives it. General Zod is evil. He is cruel, ruthless, and absolutely merciless. Do not let him deceive you. Do not let your planet fall as we have let ours."

Something creaked loudly from above, and dust rained down from the ceiling. Alura and Kara clung to each other tightly, while they looked up in fear. Something snapped above them, and Alura shielded her daughter from the collapsing ceiling just before the video cut to static.

Universe 42: Present Day

The man holding an electronic tablet walked quickly down the curved hallways of the enormous Kryptonian cruiser. His gray uniform matched the interior of the ship and the other crewmembers' uniforms even down to the emblem on their chests. The emblem was a pentagon with a curved symbol inside it that looked much similar to a hand-held scythe. The man finally reached the end of the corridor and nodded to the two guards guarding the door. They nodded back in return and stepped aside as the door automatically opened. The man walked inside towards the elevated chair in the center of the room and saluted.

The man sitting in the chair had dark hair and a beard. His eyebrows curved sharply downward, causing him to constantly look angry.

"Speak," he commanded with a deep, authoritative voice.

"Good evening, General Zod," the man holding the tablet addressed.

Zod gave no reply.

He glanced back nervously at the tablet before saying, "We've picked up some very...interesting energy readings, sir."

Zod silently held out his hand, and his inferior quickly handed him the tablet. Zod scrolled down while the other man spoke.

"Those are massive interdimensional and temporal energy readings. The technology to make such a massive reading has to be similar to that of Krypton's at the height of its power."

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