Doctor appointment

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Sans was leading Chara, showing her the Snowdin. The houses, the river, the library... Everything.

-...So since all the Royal Family are planning to move to the capital, most of the city moved there... Hey, Princess, are you listening?-

He asked as he noticed that Chara wasn't even looking anymore. She had talked with various monsters a few minutes ago and it had literally turned her mind off.

-Oh, yes yes, the capital and...-

Chara tried to come back to reality. Talking with monsters made her sink into a comparison table between humans and monsters. The difference almost stung her in the soul.

-Is everything alright, Princess?-

Sans asked. 

-Please don't call me "Princess", I'm just a human, it doesn't make me anything above your level.-

She pleased. The skeleton shrugged.

-Alright then, Chara. But seriously, what's wrong? you aren't listening to me at all.-

-Oh uh, I just... I was thinking about humans, and...-

-Missin' 'em?-

-What? No, on the contrary. There's nothing to miss up there.-

Chara crossed her hands behind her back, making a serious face that showed that she doesn't want to keep talking about that.

-Um, okay.-

Sans searched to change the topic, and eventually found it:

-So, how did you end up down here?-

-You mean how did I fall? I slipped on a vine in the dark and fell. I still don't understand why was Asriel up at night when he found me...-

-Up at night? According to the King, It was like 10am!-

Sans said, confused.

-Really? I fell down in the middle of the night!-

-Did you pass out?-

-No... At least I think I didn't...-

-Then you probably did...-

Few moments of awkward silence followed. But Sans hated such moments when it was silent and awkward, so he immediately asked a question:

-Well, if you already began meeting monsters around, would you like to meet my bro? He's very cool, you'll like him. But be careful, if he offers you self-made spaghetti, rather disappear.

-Um, okay, why not.-


Chara came back home all bright and smiling widely. She wasn't this amused since falling down yet, and Toriel noticed it.

-You look happy, my child.-

She said. Chara nodded, her smile getting wider.

-The monsters in Snowdin are so cool and so nice!-

Chara dropped onto the large chair with a visibly happy expression. Toriel smiled widely.

-I'm glad you're making friends, Chara! Soon you'll really get popular!-

She joked, then added:

-Oh, I just remember! Since you are the first human, our scientist, Doctor W.D Gaster asked if he can take an analysis of your soul.-

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