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Chapter 17

Three months later (Eight months)

"I can't believe your getting married and soon you'll have your little baby in your arms," Tiffany said flipping through a bridal book.

"Me either."

"Are you excited? Do you have everything you need?"

"Yes Tiffany. I packed a bag for me and our baby girl after we decided to find out the gender, and made sure we didn't leave anything behind at the old house."

"Speaking of houses can you give me the tour of your new one, I mean isn't that why you invited me over.

I rolled my eyes at Tiffany already knowing what she wanted to see. Randal and I moved in about a month ago and he immediately started working on the nursery once we got settled. He just finished it about two days ago and ever since Tiffany heard about that she's being trying to see the nursery.

"Okay sure why not Tiffany you can see the nursery," I said already up on my feet.

Tiffany's eyes twinkled as I lead her down the hall to the baby's room. I pushed the door open and watched as Tiffany looked it over in awe.

It was decorated excellently.

Randal had painted the entire room a light pink color and the floor was carpeted pink. The furniture was all white. The walls coming from the doorway were long and curved so when you stepped in the nursery you couldn't see what were at the sides, you could only see what was at the very front of the room, which was the changing table and a window. On one side of the room was a rocking chair and a tall lamp in the corner and a bookstand with blankets and picture frames yet to be filled in the other corner. Her dresser with all her baby products on the top was in the middle with a mirror hanging over it. On the other side was her closet and crib. Her crib was all white wood with a canopy at the top, and the crib had white ribbons all over it.

"It's beautiful Kelly," Tiffany finally spoke.

"Isn't it," I answered shutting the door behind us.

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." I heard Randal call. Tiffany and I went back into the living room to talk more.

"Hey stranger," a familiar voice said.

I looked up and smiled. "Sami... you had your little boy."

"Yeah, two weeks ago."

Sami is also a teen mom I met at my birthing classes about two months ago. Sami and I got really close and she's told me about her family and the baby's father. Sami's basically alone, her boyfriend and the baby's father unfortunately didn't stick around long enough to see his own son, and her parents are rich bastards who couldn't care less about what happens to Sami or her baby. They bought Sami an apartment and everything she needed for the baby because it would look good to their rich snobby 'friends'.

"He's so adorable Sami, congrats. Have you heard from-"

She held up her hand signaling me to stop. "Don't say his name." Sami set the car set on the coffee table and sat down next to me. "He couldn't even come to see his own son."

I could tell she was upset, so I decided to change the subject. "Why didn't you call and tell me?"

"It happened so suddenly. My water broke one second and then in the next I had my baby boy in my arms. I've been so busy with him for the last two weeks I forgot to call anyone until today, but I wanted to pay you a special visit so you could see him.

"So what's his name?" Tiffany piped in.

"I named him Casey," Sami answered staring at her son. "And he's the love of my life. Kelly you wanna hold him?"

I was scared, I've never held a real baby before. What if I held him wrong and hurt him?

"Don't be scared Kelly, I'll show you how to hold him."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt him."

Sami just sighed, "Okay, just lift him out by sliding one hand under his neck and head, and the other under his bottom and hips."

I did what I was told and waited for her to continue.

"Gently slide the hand supporting his head and neck along his back, and keep your other hand where it was, cupping his baby hips and bottom."

I glanced down at him and smiled knowing soon I would have my own baby to hold... In about two months I would come face to face with my baby girl. A precious thing that I would protect and love no matter what.

"So how's wedding planning been going? Do you know when your getting married?" Sami asked interrupting my thoughts.

"Randal and I have decided not to get married until our baby girl is about a year old, so that way she can participate in the wedding." 

"Are you still planning or have you out that on hold?"

"We're still looking. Matter of fact Tiffany and I were looking online for venues today," I answered.

"I'm so happy for you Kelly, marrying someone you really truly love," Sami smiled and rubbed my stomach.

But I don't love him.

I so desperately wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut and smiled...

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