~6~Harry Potter Is Dead!~

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Jaden's pov

~~2 Months Later~~
We all were dirty and outside,Voldemort was here and he was telling everybody that Harry is dead.

''HARRY POTTER IS--DEAD!''Voldemort yelled and I covered my mouth. Ginny screaming.

''NO!''She ran forward and tripped,crying.

''HARRY POTTER IS DEAD!''All the death eaters laughed.

I cried alright,my brother was dead. Nick wrapped his arm around me and everybody glanced at Voldemort.

''Come forward to be a deatheater,if you don't,you shall die!''Voldemort let out a loud and evil chuckle.

''Come. Draco.''His father,Lucius Malfoy told Draco from the other side.

Me and Nick glanced at Draco,Draco frowning.

I glanced at him as he started slowly walking torwards the dark lord

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I glanced at him as he started slowly walking torwards the dark lord.

''Yes. Good job Draco.''Voldemort gave him a hug and Draco walked over to his Parents,his mother hugging him.

I hugged Nick,crying in his chest.

Draco's pov

I watched everybody as I was the only one who walked over here to the other side. I watched Jaden cry. I bit my lip,Voldemort staring at her.

''And who is this?''Voldemort pointed his wand at Violet as she stared at him.

''Draco,come.''Voldemort told me,not keeping his eyes off of Violet. I slowly walked over.

''You know her. Who's this?''Voldemort had a grin on his face and tears dripped down her cheeks.

''Jaden Marvolo Riddle,Sir..''I replied after a moment.

''Come.''Voldemort told Violet but she stayed still.

''I said-- COME!''He yelled and used a choking spell and she ran forward,Voldemort putting his hand and lifting her chin up as she winced in pain.

''What do you mean,Jaden Marvolo Riddle?''He jerked her back and she was shaking.

''I am the cursed child of Tom Marvolo Riddle..--''She spoke up.

''LIAR!''Voldemort yelled and she cried quietly.

''It was you. You killed my parents. You killed my brother. You took everything from me. It was all you!''She screamed,collapsing to the ground,crying.

''Avada Kadava!''Someone screamed and Voldemort screeched in pain,he melted and turned into dust as all the death eaters turned into black shadows and flew into the sky,I stayed though.

Jadens pov

I cried hard,I didn't bother looking even though people were cheering someone bent down and hugged me,I hugged back tightly,crying.

I glanced up and I kissed him. Yeah,I kissed him.

Harry's pov

I ran over and hugged Ginny,Hermione,Ron,Neville,And Luna. I backed up because everyone was gasping.

''Harry..!''Hermione pointed as I slowly turned.

Oh hell no. Draco Malfoy was hugging my sister. SHE KISSED HIM? SHE KISSED HIM!

I gasped and Hermione and Ron grabbed me,dragging me off somewhere else.

I broke free from there tight grasp and dragged my sister away.

''H-Harry!''She hugged me tight and I hugged back,we didn't let go.

''don't do that..!''she smacked me and kissed my cheek.

Next chap imma skip to a year later.

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