Chapter 6-...

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I wish I never spoke.
I never wanted this.
Let me just explain why I'm bawling my eyes out right now.. So we had some family members come over today and we were watching an anime movie called "The Same". It was about two girls with straight and homophobic peers and parents. But they got together anyways at the end. We were watching a kissing scene between the two (And trust me it was ADORABLE) And my uncle that was over started fake gagging at the scene. I just rolled my eyes and didn't pay attention. But there was another scene where they were dancing together at the autumn prom, and my uncle started getting fed up. "How many disgustingly gay scenes are they going to show in this movie?!?" My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe someone RELATED to me would say that! I couldn't control myself anymore. "What do you mean 'Disgusting'?! This love is beautiful, at least to me!" "People shouldn't broadcast gayness. Since when did we start loving gayness as if it was something to be proud of?! This movie is disgusting. We should turn the channel. I'm sorry all of you guys had to see this." My mom and dad were getting angry at him too. "What's the matter with you guys? I thought you would side with me!" "No, we won't! You're being the disgusting one!" My uncle was in a rage and ordered that I go to my room. He pushed me into my room as mom and dad argued with him downstairs. I locked the door and the truth sunk in.

I had a homophobic parent.

Love.. Sashi ~💕🌈💕

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