Chapter 5-Checkups and Practice

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I keep practicing in the mirror saying I'm a bi. I'm planning to come out this or next month. I wonder how people will see me once I come out. A person who goes against god? A evil satanic demon? An unholy abomination? I'm sorry.. It's something I can't control.. I love who I love. My crush at school is a girl named Naomi Washington, and I don't know how my parents will react to me having a gay crush... I feel lonely... I feel misunderstood.. But at least Latte and the rest of the pets cheer me up. I wonder if animals ruled the work like humans did, there would be gay and bisexual animals.. That's something to think about later.. On Wednesday we took the pups and kittens in for their first check up. Turns out Cotton is blind and Bubble's tail didn't form right. So that explains why her tail is always sagging. The rest of the animals are fine, they got their shots to make sure and they got little treats for being obedient. Maybe we can find some way to help Cotton. Mostly cause I feel bad she'll never get to see the world how the others do. And I keep remembering my personal coming out deadline. Even if I know my animals and my family and pets are there to support me, I don't know how others will react. I know, some people won't understand. Cause for some people it's new to see a girl and a girl together instead of a girl and a boy. I get that, I truly do, but some people are mean about not understanding. Like homophobes and idiots. Like I get some people are a bit scared of variety, but they don't have to be mean about their opinions. But for now, I'm gonna relax a bit. Bye.. I guess.

Love, Sashi~💕🌈💕

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