Chapter 1

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An: lets just pretend Perrie and Alex live alone In separated houses😂)


I was scrolling through my Instagram when I saw a picture of Alex, it immediately made me smile a little. Alex was currently in training so he wasn't home and he wasn't going to be home for a while. I looked at the clock and saw it was time for lunch so I made myself an egg and then fed the dogs.

After my lunch I walked the dogs and makes a video for my insta stories when we came back home I went for a little nap that took longer than expected.

I was done with my practice and while I walked to my car I checked my phone and saw that Perrie put something on here story I looked at it and it was a video of her and the dogs she is so cute I thought to myself, I went in my car and drove to perrie's house.

I had the key so I didn't have to to ring the doorbell. As I walked it the house was silent until I heart little footsteps running to me. I picked hatchi up and went to look for Perrie. As I walked in the kitchen Leo and Ottis ran at me I petted them both and walked in to the living room to find Perrie sleeping peacefully on the couch. I walked up to her and bended down on my knees, sitting in front of her. I gave her a kiss but she didn't wake up I gave her another kiss but there was still no movement instead of her chest that went up and down by her breathing.

I stood up and started tickling her I watch her move and open her eyes. She right away started giggling and laughing and trying to push my hands away. I stopped tickling her and saw her trying too look angry at me. I bent down to give her a kiss but she pulled the blanket that fell on the ground over her face so I could not kiss her I pulled the blanket off her face and saw a big smile on her face. I kissed her "hi babe" I said "why the hell do you wake me up like this all the time?" She asked I laughed "cause it's funny"

I walked in the kitchen to grab a drink when Perrie walked in and wrapped her arms around my waist "how was practice?" She said " Like always you know the running and playing football kinds of stuff" i said while turning around with a big smile on my face admiring her beauty she laughed at my comment. I love her laugh it's one of the most beautiful sounds I've heard. I just kept looking at her "what?" Perrie said. I snapped out of my thoughts "you just look gorgeous Perrie starting to blush and she looked down trying to hide her blush I pulled her chin up "stop hiding yourself you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" I said softly and pulled her in for a soft kiss.


As I watched Alex walk out of the kitchen I thought how did I get to be so lucky? He makes me feel like a queen and he keeps telling me I'm beautiful everyday. It are the little things he does that makes me fall in love with him all over again just like the first time we met. I got snapped out of my thought when I heard a bark next to me I picked hatchi up and walked to Alex. "What should we eat tonight?" I asked him still having hatchi in my arms "uhmm" he started thinking "what about we order some sushi?" He asked I nodded I called to the restaurant and ordered our food.

When I came back in the living room I saw that Alex set up a movie and I got already excited because it was frozen! I'm such a child I thought to myself but I couldn't care any less. We started the movie and after about 20 minutes our food was there Alex went to the door and paid for the food. After dinner watched another movie but I fell asleep on Alex his shoulder.

I looked over to Perrie finding her sleeping on my arm I turnt the tv off and picked her up in bridal style and carried her upstairs as she was already in her pajamas I just laid her on the bed and then put the blanket over her. I changed into a pair of sweat pants and went laying beside Perrie I kissed her cheek " goodnight princess" I said she stirred "goodnight babe" she said in a sleepy voice I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. Not long after that I fell asleep.

Hii guysss so this is my first book!
I hope you liked this chapter.
I'm not English so my grammar is probably really baddd sorryyyyy
Much loveeee

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