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Chapter 4

"A woman like me has a sword for a tongue,Night in the heart,  And room in the body for only one person,But who?"

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"A woman like me has a sword for a tongue,
Night in the heart,
And room in the body for only one person,
But who?"


When Monday rolled it's ugly head around a few days later let's just say I was a bit grumpy but I couldn't be all that mad when the little human known as Willa wakes me up with a monsoon of giggles.

I roll over to my side and a groan rises up from my throat. More giggles release from Willa's mouth and reluctantly a smile makes its way on my face. I turn my head to the side to be met with big brown eyes, a grin plastered on her face.


Willa excitedly belly flops on me and I try my hardest to conceal my groan of pain. She rolls over and grips my waist as hard as she can, more giggles exploding from her mouth.

"Mornin' Willa" I said neutral as I can.

She looks up and a frustrated expression paints over her features and it takes all my self control to keep the poker face intact.

"Do you know what day it is?" She says hopefully, trying to give me hints of the special day that is today.

"Duh" I say in the most obvious voice I can muster

She squeals, thinking that I got her clue but I quickly continue with my act

"It's Monday" Disappointment blooms on her cute little face and it takes everything in me to reassure her of her special day.

I roll to my left to get up off the squeaky bed and make my way to my closet.

"Anything else" She says desperately

I quickly get changed into my jeans and decided on a white baggy hoodie with a matching cap that has some random logo on it, realizing today is going to be another of Mother Nature's famous winds. I brush my teeth, wash my face and sneakily grab the box wrapped in pink wrapping paper and tied with a silver bow, hiding under my bathroom sink cabinet.

I quickly hide it behind my back as I emerge back into our bedroom to see a sad looking Willa.

Her head and shoulders slumped downward in a dopey expression.

"Oh I almost forgot" I say with a smile

Before she could react I slide the present in her line of vision and stoop low enough to whisper in her ear.

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