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"Yuri, I have a job for you tonight."



Yuri's heart twisted, "I don't want to, please."

His mother frowned, "I need you to, for me. It's very important. It helps people put less stress on me too."

"I don't want to, please just leave it. It hurts and I really don't want to."

"Yuri. I'm not asking now. I need you to do this."


Anger flared in her eyes and Yuri shrunk back, "You will do this."

"I will not. I don't want to. You said you wouldn't force me to anymore. Do you plan to keep that promise?"

"Remember how I talked about that anger? Well I'm really trying Yura, but it's really hard not to hit you right now. I'm not happy and very angry and you're making it really hard."

"I don't want to. Don't make me. You haven't done it with people like them they hurt me. Last week I could barely walk to meet someone."

"Is that what this is about? Whoever you've been meeting is telling you to stop?" her voice rose, face full of fury, "It was fine before! Who have you been meeting you stupid boy?" when Yuri didn't answer she slapped him, "Who?"

"I- I dont-"

"I'm not stupid! You may be but I'm not and I know you know them!" she hit him again harder the blows no longer open handed.

"I don't know how to-"

She hit him in the solar plexus and Yuri crumbled the breath knocked out of him. His mom just screamed at him to answer and kept kicking him. Yuri wasn't sure how long it went on before he passed out, but it felt like hours. He was long unconscious when Yuri's dad pulled his mom away.

"Do you want to kill him?!"

"He wouldn't do what I told him!"

"If he dies we have a dead child to explain. Either way, now we have to figure out how to make him stay."

His mom frowned and spat in Yuri's face, "I don't care anymore. We could always have another one, start over. He has too many ideas in his head. We're still young, I'm thirty-three."

"Itd be another nine, ten years even if you got pregnant right now."

She shrugged, "I don't care. Currently, that is better than trying to deal with our son."

"Then what do we do with him? Kick him out?"

"leave him in town. Somebody will find him and help him. When it gets cold like this people are more willing to help I've noticed."

Yuri was left on a bench snow quickly building up around him as the beginning of a blizzard started. He was still unconscious when a little girl found him when she was playing and ran screaming to her parents. Her father came out and picked Yuri up carrying him inside the house.


Yuri awoke and needles shot through his body. His muscles ached from shivering and he couldn't quite understand where he was or why he was by the fire and under a bunch of blankets or why he was in clothes he didn't recognize. Another shiver shook his body as he slowly sat up.

There was a gasp, "You're awake!" a motherly looking woman maybe in her late twenties stood in the doorway a bucket in one hand.

Yuri reached up to touch the receiver he was thankful was not only there but still functioning, "What.... Who are you? Where am I? Where are my clothes? It's freezing."

The woman smiled kindly, "We found you outside in the snow dear, you would've froze to death and been buried had our daughter not found you. The snow was just getting bad when she found you and we were about to call her in. You're at our house and your clothes were soaked from the snow and had frozen so we took them off and put you in our son's clothes. He's away in Italy for college right now and is much bigger than you, but we found some of his old clothes."

"You.... Undressed me?" Yuri sounded horrified.

"My husband did actually. He said it looks like you took a beating. Do you want to tell us who did that to you and left you do die?"

"I uh... I don't remember, I'm sorry," another shiver shook Yuri's body as he lied.

"You poor child. It's nothing to be sorry for. You can't see it in your face so they didn't want people to know and it looks like it's happened before because my husband said you had scars, are you sure you don't know?" she said obviously not believing him.

She must be talking about the scars from when his drunk parents would beat him with the belt and it's buckle. Yuri smiled tightly shivering again,"I'm sure. Where in St. Petersburg are we?"

"Near the Pushkin theater. Why?"

Otabek lived around there too, "I have a friend who lives near here. I'll go to his house," Yuri said standing and letting the blankets fall as another shiver shook his small frame.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to go anywhere until that snow stops. We wouldn't let you anyway. You're obviously sick from the cold and in pain from the beating you took."

"I'm fine, I've had worse. You can't keep me here anyway."

The woman frowned and dragged him to a room locking him in, "I would never normally do this, but it's for your health. I'll be here to see you in an hour or so."

Yuri frowned rolling his eyes. There was a window in the room. Pulling on his shoes that the woman had put in the room Yuri climbed out of it. It was freezing and Yuri coughed walking quickly. He was nearly too Otabek's when he realized his fingers were blue. Yuri balled his hands into fists and put them under his armpits walking the rest of the way and knocking on the door.

Otabek opened it looking confused, "Yuri! What the heck are you doing out there and in short sleeves?!"

"Parents k- kicked me o- out."

"Ssh, don't talk. I'm going to get you warm before you say anything," otabek pulled him inside closing the door.

I have a friend on here who wrote a Rp (role play) book. It's great and sounds like a lot of fun. If you guys like rpg (role playing games) or even if you have never tried them and want to see what all the fuss is about them definitely check them out. They can be a lot of fun. I'm tagging her so you can find her. :) YOI_Obesessed.

It won't let me insert the story, but I definitely would to make it easier ya'll to find.

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