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Midoriya looked up to Bakugou and licked his lips "d-didn't you said that i can only listen and obey?.." he grinned and said getting closer to Katsuki's face and holding his shoulders, he pressed his body against Bakugou's "if you want to do what I Kiss me kachan.." he said caressing his chest and looking up to him.

Katsuki twitched and wanted to wipe that grin off Izuku's face, the cheeky rut was teasing him now. Katsuki gulped, he felt nervous? It was just a kiss... He made the boy even suck him off yet why was he nervous to kiss. His face blushed red as he grabbed Izuku's jaw and passionately kissed him, slipping in his tongue and he easily won dominance. The blonde was getting riled up and he broke their kiss so that Katsuki could lift Izuku's shirt off him. He grazed his fingertips over his nipples.

Midoriya felt like his mouth was melting when Bakugou kisses him like that , he had a string of saliva on his tongue and he looked how riled up was Bakugou getting , so he giggled "hehe.. kachan is getting impatient?.." he felt his fingertips touch his nipples , he tensed up and he hugged Bakugou's neck , he kept grinning and looking at Bakugou's eyes , he gave him a lust gaze and pressed his body against Bakugou's again.

Shit. Katsuki felt himself go crazy over this nerd. But damn he felt so good when Izuku acted like this "Fuck you Deku, who knew you was this lewd and greedy" he squeezed Izuku's ass and lavished in his body heat. He ducked his head down and started to lick and suck on his nipples, "heh look how hard they are already". Katsuki rasped in a low voice, he could already feel his member start to twitch. He was getting hard already to this damn nerd.

Midoriya let out a low moan when Bakugou sqweezed his ass , "i-it's your fault kachan..." he said  to Bakugou ,He lout soft moans when he felt Katsuki's tongue rub his nipples "mm..kachan , you're so good at this.." he said closing his eyes and holding his head gently , he sat on Bakugou's lap , and kept pressing his body , he bit his lip holding back his soft moans.

Katsuki looked up, Izuku was slightly higher and he licked Izuku's soft lips. "Let me hear you more Deku" he sucked at Izuku's neck leaving marks and bit down more on his shoulders licking and sucking everywhere. He ran his hands across Izuku's toned back and dug his fingers into his hips, Katsuki started to grind Izuku on his dick, they was both bare and naked so the contact of skin sent shivers down Katsuki's spine. Katsuki whispered low "Deku, ride me right fucking now". He smirked.

Midoriya hugged his neck a bit more tighter when he felt Katsuki's mouth sucking his neck and he let out his moans more as Bakugou ordered "ahh~ Kachan~..m-more..~" he said in moans , he felt his warm hands slide all over his body and bit his bottom lip . When the blond guy ordered to ride him he redned and didn't know how to, he was gonna try , he pushed him and fell on top of him on the bed "y-you want it inside me?.." he said rubbing his ass against Bakugou's member.

Katsuki squeezed at Izuku's ass and glared at Izuku hungry. "Fuck- yes I want it inside your slutty ass" Katsuki breathed heavily. He shoved two fingers into Izuku's mouth without saying anything the boy sucked making them wet with saliva. He had to loosen Izuku up so he grabbed his arm and made Izuku topple on top of him so he was pressed on his chest. Katsuki spread his ass cheeks apart and slotted in one of his fingers slowly causing the boy to moan.

When Bakugou pulled Midoriya ontop of him, he blushed , he half closed his eyes and grinned "kachan really want to be inside.." when he felt his ass cheeks spreading he closed his eyes a bit tightly, feeling a warm lubed finger get slowly inside his ass , made him moan softly , and he hugged Bakugou tightly "a-ahh.. kachan..." He said breathing heavily and squeezing his eyes.

Katsuki began to finger him gently at first making Izuku get used to it. Katsuki was getting hard himself at an increasing rate and all he wanted was to be inside of Izuku. He added a second finger in and slowly started to scissor his fingers inside of him. "F-fuck Deku your tight" with just his fingers Katsuki felt the tightness in Izuku's ass and hungrily licked his lips. He thrusted his fingers into Izuku opening him up more, he pulled them out earning a whine from the smaller boy. "Now for something bigger and better" Katsuki grinned.

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