The Sweet Melody

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After the event in the pool, Sherlock couldn't help but think about that man who so very cleverly trapped him and his best friend. He was definitely gay. Well at least Sherlock had deduced he was gay but after meeting him in the hospital he wasn't exactly sure any more. It could have all been fake. But sherlock had to admit he was interesting. Not just his body and level of personal grooming, but his mind. It was his mind that made sherlock think. His heart beated fast as he thought about what he had done. This rose a red alarm for John, who was watching the very clever detective blush and be strangely out of character.

"Sherlock" john said after clearing his throat. "Everything alright?" he asked. Sherlock looked at the man, his blush fading.

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" Sherlock asked. John stood and went to put the kettle on. Why was sherlock acting so strange? He thought about it for a bit. He thought about how sherlock had called Moriarty "Delightfully interesting" during the case. Perhaps that was it. He was interested in the criminal.

Sherlock needed to get his head clear. He couldn't think and so he went to his bedroom, grabbing his violin as he went by. He played his violin to clear his mind and let's the music take over.

Down the street, the criminal was walking. He didn't know why he was down Baker Street, but that's where he was. Moriarty heard the soft melodic symphonies coming from one of the houses, he wasn't sure which one. Then he saw a slightly ajar window and sherlock stood by it playing his violin.

He looked peaceful. He was one with the instrument. Moriarty got excited by this. He decided he was going to grab Sherlock's attention again. The instrument stopped. Sherlock was looking out of the window. Had he caught the criminal? Possibly not. Jim was in the dark and so Sherlock probably hadn't. He went back to playing the violin for a while. Then he packed it up to go to bed.

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