chapter four

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as he walks toward's me he grab's my wrist and pulls my wrist out of his house and practically throws me into his car so i ask "what the fuck made you act like such a dickhead all of a sudden" he reply's with "you don't need to fucking know bitch" i respond with "are you actually being serious,pull up i'm walking home" he carries on driving i shout "FUCKING PULL UP" he still carries on driving and then a bullet skims on the backseat of the car it smashes the windshield and misses mine and taehyungs heads he then says "are you happy i didn't pull over then" and he giggles a bit which i find cute what am i thinking he's probably taken he probably has a girlfriend and is just being nice as i say that in my mind taehyung says "i know what your thinking that i have a girlfriend i don't ive never had a bond like that with anyone hey can i tell you something" i answer with "of course" he takes a deep breath and hesitates to say it but eventually he does and he says "Y/N i-i like you more than a friend this probably isn't the right time to say this take as long as it takes to awnser me i don't wan't to pressure you into anything you don't wan't to be in"my jaw drops as he says that i then take a deep breath look down and say "im really sorry taehyung but i'm not looking for anything at the moment" in his voice i could sense sadness and a slight bit of disappointment  as he says stuttering "o-okay"i look down knowing that ive upset him and ive made him disappointed in me i hate myself the rest of the car ride home was very awkward which wasn't very often something like that would happen to me and taehyung as we are pretty much best friends we don't spend much time away from each other we love talking to each other we feel like we can understand each other yup this is where i realise ive made a mistake of rejecting him rejecting my best friend where i realise how much of an idiot i am for rejecting him i fell in love with my best friend and i don't understand things like love,i feel happy when i'm around him i feel  real emotion when i'm near him he makes me feel loved,he makes me feel wanted in this world why do i feel this way about him.......why him why not someone else like kai why do i like taehyung all of a sudden why couldn't i of liked kai why my best friend why not fucking kai why did taehyung have to ask me out why does life have to be so hard why does emotion have to be so annoying and confusing all of the time why do i have to feel emotion why does emotion exist wow some deep questions before i know it me and taehyung arrive at my apartment and he says to me"may i come in"i respond with"of course" he then walks in and looks around so i decide to say "make yourself at home taehyung let me just get some of my own clothes on" and so he sits down on my sofa and i walk into my bedroom get a pair of black leggings and a red top with the word Seattle on it underlined this top was what i would call short because if i stretched you would be able to see my stomach i then decide to leave my room and ask taehyung "would you like to stay the night" he looks at me shook and says "o-okay sure" i then giggle a slight bit at him stuttering as i know people mainly stutter when there nervous he looks at me and smile and his smile lit up the whole room and made my heart beat faster i sit next to taehyung and say"pick a movie we could watch" he then looks at me with that cheeky smirk of his and says "fine but horror is the theme" i look at him my jaw dropped and my eyes wide open where he had chosen horror out of all things horror i decide to flip him off at his decision and he just giggles but then i remembered that i haven't brought any horror movies and i giggle and so he asks using aego "why are you gigglinggg~" i respond with "you wont find any horror movies taehyung,because i haven't brought any horror"he looks at me and smirks and responds to me "well lucky that i brought one isn't it" i look at him and sulk he then comes and sits next to me like right next to me and then is when the movie started it was the movie I.T and no not the recreation the bloody motherfucking terrifying original movie as the movie went on i got more and more afraid to be alone even in my own house so as the movie ended taehyung says "im going to leave now" and i responded with "NO YOUR FUCKING NOT IM  GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES AND IM AFRAID TO BE ALONE BISH"he then comes over and holds me tight in his arms my heart beat increased,my face got hot and i felt tingly inside taehyung bops my nose i then sneeze taehyung says "awww is my poor baby getting sick" i then give taehyung a death glare i then sneeze again i get up and walk to the bathroom i grabbed a roll of tissue and came back into the living room taehyung asks me "would you like to hangout with my friends still?" i respond with "yep"he looks at me we make eye contact and i then get a bit of tissue and wipe my nose with it i then sneeze really quietly i get a snack and join taehyung on the sofa i realise how late it is but i didn't go to sleep,slowly but eventually i fell into a deep slumber not in my bed but on taehyungs lap as i wake up i see that im in an unusual place and that i'm tied up


hi this was 1050 words i'm going on holiday today and there wont be any wifi so this and my other books wont be updated for a week so yeaaaaa i hope you have a good day or night depending on where in  the world i love you all cyaa <3

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