Chapter-26 " Love And Affection"

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Before getting into the chapter I wanted to say that please read the A/N below. It'll clear your doubts surely

~Leo's pov~

I decided, the moment she recovers I will ask her to go away, if she'll refuse then I will manage something but ugh.. I'll just make sure that she isn't around.

I've caused her enough trouble. First the bruise and now this, and now. edward is so keen on killing her

Me, me, me all this shit was happening in Lisa's life because of my stupidity. I should have never married her. How can I be so selfish? I put the life of a innocent girl and the future queen on stake.

With Edward and queen after her and all the chaos going on, I'll have to do something,I'll have to take an action.


But I promised myself one thing, I will commit my 100% to lisa while she's recovering. I'll do whatever It takes to make her healthy and happy once again. Man, I could kill for that beautiful smile of hers. I wanted to see the sparkle in her eyes once again.

Shrugging off all the emotions I managed a poker face and headed towards our room, lisa was laying on the bed. She was taking deep and heavy breaths.

I motioned Mrs klein to go out. She nodded and did as she was told. I sat next to lisa.

I was staring at her , trying to capture every detail, every mark and every curve. I got so lost in her that I didn't noticed she had opened her eyes.

She was looking at me with a confused look. I smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead, I know it was a stupid and obvious move but I couldn't help myself.

She smiled back at me and gently closed her eyes again. I stood up and looked at her once again. An adorable smile not once leaving her face. She was sleeping like a baby and was looking so pure and innocent.

I exited the room and called Mrs klein.

"How's she doing? " I asked her
" she's fine now, but she had lost a lot of blood which is obviously not a good sign for her" she replied
"Don't talk like that doc, tell me what will I have to do " I said
" Sweetie, right now Lisa wants someone to take proper care of her 24/7" she replied

I nodded and she left the room. I sighed in frustration and mentally face palmed myself.

I was just going back in the room when I remembered something. I had to take some action against edward. I couldn't let him get away with this. I marched to father's room. I knocked on the door and father said come in. I walked in and he was sitting in a bath robe.

He asked me "What happened, what was so urgent that you had to disturb me at this time"
I mentally frowned but replied "Sorry father, but I've got something to tell you"
He nodded and motioned the servants to go away.
As soon as they left the room I started.

"Father, today I went to the monthly hunt with edward...--"

He didn't let me finish my statement and said,
"Look dear, I am aware of what happened today, the guards told me. But leo you're a grown up now. You've to take matters in your hands. It's time that you stop coming to me with your problems and start solving them yourself. We both are aware of Edward's and queen's mad schemes. They won't stop until they kill you. I will handle the queen but you have to take care of Edward yourself. I can't take any strict action against him. It won't be good for our image. At this point, we'll have to avoid any kind of controversy. I hope you understand what I'm saying. "

I was shocked at his response at first, but then I realized that he wasn't all wrong. He can't just put edward in jail. That'll totally ruin our image. I nodded and left the room.

So, now I'll have to take matters in my hands.


I opened my eyes and was feeling very dizzy. Then I remembered what happened, When I was given heavy painkillers I was dizzy and unconscious but still I remembered leo kissing my forehead. As soon as that came in my mind I bolted up.
What the actual fuck! Why was he kissing me and what was with that sweet gestures? That was so not leo.
Slowly I regained my full conscious and started remembering the day. Edward's dagger hitting me and then me falling on the ground.

Next thing I saw I was in Leo's arms and he was running at an unbelievable pace. He was looking so worried and sad. I was confused. Then I fainted.

I started to get down the bed just when someone shouted

"oh lisa, you should rest "

I turned around to see the owner of the voice, and undoubtedly it was Leo.  I made a face.
He hurried over to me,
" what are you doing, you should rest" he said with a concerned look on his face

"woah.. Woo-freaking-hoooo calm down there prince, what is the matter with you acting all sweet and caring all of a sudden? No matter what you do or how many "sweet gesture"  you show I know that you're an fucking asshole who can't respect a girl"I  said and stormed out of the room

I decided to visit the library. I read some short stories but got bored eventually. There wasn't much to do in this palace.

After a while of roaming here and there a strong sense of guilt formed in my gut. I was furious at the moment and I admit that I said certain questionable statements. But it's not all my fault, I couldn't forget about what he did earlier. I was so angry at him and I did this all of a sudden.
But I realized how rude I was and decided to apologize.

I searched for him and he was sitting in the library he was looking gloomy. I  gently knocked on the door. Without even looking up he said come in.

Slowly I walked over to him,I cleared my throat to get his attention upon hearing my voice he looked up in an instant and said
"What do you want? Haven't you said enough? Is anything more left to say?
I was just concerned about you because I was the reason of your bad health but if you think my intentions are wrong then I deeply apologize "

A tear rolled downy cheek. Man, how stupid am I . He was just being nice and me? I was being a bitch. I was so full of guilt right now I tried to form a sentence but failed terribly. Somehow I said

" listen, I am really sorry. I was so angry at you for treating me like that earlier. I was so pissed off. I am really sorry. "

I hoped for a reaction but got none I turned around to exit the room, he then said

" it's okay.. I'm sorry too I was out of my mind at that time. I treated you badly sorry "

I turned back and he was looking at me, I smiled at him and he smiled back.

I was feeling much better now. I was feeling a little dizzy too so I decided to get some sleep,
I left for my room.


So I know that the sudden reveal of Leo's feelings is a bit overwhelming. But the way I see it it's more than adequate. I mean why not?

It's love at first sight people. Lisa was also a bit attracted to him at first wasn't she?

I mean by my point of view, it's okay but what do you all think? Let me know in the comments.

So.. Things got a little sweet as well as heated in this chapter I enjoyed writing this very much and I hope you all enjoyed reading it too😁


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