Robert Shumake | Increase Your Online Business Sales Now Here's How!

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Online business, normally, is desired by every owner to have an increase in sale. But the major question goes with "how". How would it be done? While extreme changes can be made in your marketing strategies, never lose focus on changing just a few elements of your website. This is what we call conversation optimization. As there are numerous ways on how to improve your sales online, here are some short and immediate changes that you can make right away.


Optimizing is important because it measures conversion rates that are significant to increasing sales. A call-to-action is a part of the page that persuades the reader to make a specific action. For example, at the bottom of product pages are "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" phrases. However, call-to-actions can also let visitors do other activities such as subscribing, following, and/or sharing. A personalized one is something that's more specific.


Because headlines are also a factor that helps increase sales, headlines, in general, are typically the first thing that visitors will read. It captures the attention of the viewers and whether or not they would keep on scrolling depends on how the headline is made and structured.


The main objective is to put your call-to-action as the focus of the page. Thus, it is important to declutter the website's navigation menus. Minimize the navigation elements so that your visitors will be directed to the CTA. This will keep them from bouncing from page to page.


Just because the call-to-action has been put as the focus of the webpage doesn't mean that all other elements of it will be forgotten. The texts around your CTA actually add overall impact on your conversions.


Pop-ups typically give the idea of annoying distractions coming out on the screen at random times while you are browsing through a site. But when used and put with a good strategy, these can help lessen the rates of shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions.

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