Anthony's POV

I woke up around noon, Kalel still snuggled up next to me. She was absolutely adorable when she slept. I kissed her forehead and slowly got out of bed.

I trudged to my computer and checked my social media accounts. Everything was sane, nothing was new. Just the same old "notice me!!1!!1" and "I love you!1'!!1" by the thirteen year old girls who spent their lives online.

I checked Ian's Twitter too, seeing that his new tweet was the most popular.

"Sorry guys, Melanie and I broke up today. There is no anger between us, and we will remain friends." It read.

"Aww, Ian..." I thought out loud. I walked back into the bedroom and pulled my phone off of the charger. I had a text from Ian.

"Can we film today?" The text read.

I grabbed a piece of paper and one of Kalel's pink pens, and scribbled a note to Kalel.

"Hey babe, Ian and Melanie broke up today. I'm going to drive to Sacramento and stay a few days to be there for him while he mourns. I'll be back soon. - Anthony"

It was an entire six hour drive...

And I was tired of planes.

I got dressed, ate a bagel, and brushed my teeth. I ignored my hair, for now.

I grabbed my car keys and ran down to my car. I hope Kalel wouldn't mind...

Ian's POV

I wasn't sure how to react to the break up.

Melanie broke up with me because she suspected I was gay and that she was a cover up, which wasn't true at all. I took in her thoughts without argument. I respected her decisions after all. I just wish I knew why she thought I was gay.

I sat on the couch, cried and ate ice cream like a stereotypical single. This wasn't how I wanted to cope with my sorrow. I pulled out my laptop and started watching Smosh videos, because I knew they would make me blush and laugh as I saw Anthony and I acting like dumbasses.

I watched a Lunchtime with Smosh episode, where Anthony and I had an extreme staring contest. Anthony blushed tremendously and laughed each time, when I kept a straight face. I wonder how awkward he must have felt compared to me. It was just a staring contest between two straight boys.

Then again, Anthony was always weird about that kind of stuff.

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