Chapter 24

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I woke up in a room. It was hard to see at first for which there was a bright light shining on my face.  I was laying atop a table. I was stripped of my clothe and there where blood stained bandages around my stomach. When my eyes adjusted, I realized I knew where I was. When I was beaten badly by Big Tyron, I was brought here and treated. This must be the infirmary for our gang. If not I don't know why someone would have a room with cabinets full of medicine and medical tools and equipment. I leaned up to notice I was alone in the room. Shortly after sitting up on the table, ready to hop off it, I could here talking in the other room. At first I couldn't make out who it was talking, but the closer the voices came the more I came to realize it was Big Tyron. Shortly after the door busted open and Big Tyron, T-dog and Brian and another person walked in the room. 

Brian rushed over to me and checked if I was alright. I looked down at my bandaging and remembered I was shot, yet I couldn't feel any pain. "I feel fine." I said as I attempted to stand from the table. 

"Wait, Junior, no, no, no, no, you can't move around so much, the stitches will tear." The person I've yet to learn who he was said laying me back down on the table. I did recognize the man standing behind him for which it was the guy from the last time I was in this room. He didn't say much as the one laying me back on the table checked me out as well. Big Tyron approached me and placed his large hand on my shoulder. 

"Are you sure your alright?" He said.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"You were just shot Junior, sorry for showing some affection to one of my men." He said letting me go and walking back to his original spot. I looked up at Brian to get his reaction for Big Tyron's change in the way he acted lately. He looked back at me and shrugged. After I was able to stand again with the help of the doctor, or who ever he was, T-dog came up to me. 

"Do you believe you'll be able to continue on with the heist or will you need some time?" he asked. I wasn't for sure but knowing that, that probably meant that it was time for the heist I couldn't wait any longer. I did a stretch and tested the wound, to see if it would hurt if I moved like that and sure enough it did. I played it off though and made it look like it didn't. 

"No, I'll manage." I said. The doctor butted in and stopped me.

"No, there is no possible way he'll be able to go through with any big jobs with his injuries. If those stitches are to come out or get ripped then he could risk opening the wound and bleeding or not letting the wound heal properly and it could cause problems in his future." he said. 

"Well how long should we wait?" Big Tyron said looking frustrated with the delay. 

"Well since the bullet missed all his organs and there was an exit wound, mostly a week or longer depends on how long it takes it to seal up." He said. I looked down in disappointment. Me and Brian have been waiting to do this job and get it over with and now that we were finally able to get it done another thing delays it. My clothe were handed back to me and I put them on while Big Tyron and T-dog discussed what to do. After getting fully dressed I noticed that they handed me back my clothe that I was wearing when I was shot. it seems they had washed them yet there was a hole going through the jacket and shirt and out the back of them also. They could of at least gave me some new clothe to wear. Big Tyron and T-dog met up with us again. 

"So it seems as this will work out after all, we should be able to try to complete the job Saturday." Big Tyron said and then proceeded to leave the building with T-dog. I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the room. When I did the first person I saw was Nikki. She was sitting in a chair with a bag to the side of her. She noticed me and jumped out of her chair. She went to run over to me but stopped herself. She began to walk over to me and I met her half way. She stared up at me for a couple of seconds acting as if she wasn't happy to see me, but broke and began to cry. I was tempted to give her a hug and comfort her but I was unsure if I should or not. I decided to at least try and was successful. I reached out to give her a hug and before wrapping my arms around her she jumped at me, wrapping her arms around me first. 

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