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"You're starting to show," Elaine murmured as she tied the nightgown to Lady Valiente's body

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"You're starting to show," Elaine murmured as she tied the nightgown to Lady Valiente's body. It was only meant as an observation but clearly her tone grew with worry as they both noticed the smallest protrusion from the women's stomach.

Victoria look down, and despite every hesitance she had once had she couldn't help but smile. Her hands suddenly cradled the bump, "I know."

"You know, it won't be much longer until you pop." Elaine went on. "Best you tell Lord Stark soon."

Victoria sighed, she knew the handmaid only meant the best and although it was becoming annoying to have the constant reminder there was still not undoing it now. The Lady blinked away the tears that wished to come out, her emotions were uncontrollable at this point but alas it was another symptom of pregnancy she couldn't not handle.

"I'll tell him soon," Victoria responded and when the blonde only blinked and tilted her head slightly she rolled her eyes. "Alright I'll tell him tomorrow, right now I'd just some sleep and a snack."

"Going to pop like a pie," Elaine smirked but walked over towards the table. The blonde had been sneaking off food here and there whenever she could, it would become harder the longer they were at war but if the Lady told her betrothed soon perhaps there would be no need for her to swipe items.

"Very funny, the last thing I need in my head right now is how big I'll be." Victoria scoffed but her lips lifted into amusement.

"They'll be no need for worry, you're carrying the heir to Winterfell, no one will care how big you get so long as the baby is healthy and strong." The Blonde walked over with a chalice of juice and handed it off.

Victoria's eyes suddenly dropped and she softly spoke, "if Robb even cares once I tell him."

Her free hand was suddenly encased in both the blondes, "he will, this is you Victoria, let's not forget this is the same Lord Stark who personally came to wake you to leave for war and promised you the world. Lord Stark may be many things but a honorable man is amongst the best."

As if summoned by his name the heir to Winterfell came walking right into the tent, his eyes wild and immediately on the brunette. There was a familiar darkness in his eyes, a craving that seemed primal as he took her in and solely focused on her. Victoria knew this look well because immediately it ignited the same reaction within her. She sucked in a breath, unintentionally puffing her chest and standing straighter.

"My Lord—"

"Leave us," Robb cut off the Lady Valiente and spoke without looking at the blonde. Immediately he began to pull off his coat.

Elaine knew the routine, luckily for her she'd prepared for this situation before leaving Winterfell and thank the gods that Ser Marcos was kind. His tent was beside the Dornish Lady's and was also all his own. There was an extra cot inside their much like their was one in Victoria's room where Elaine could sleep, only the one in the knights tent was when Robb paid visits. The blonde immediately bowed and silently prayed that tonight would be the night the secret would be revealed, she ducked her head and immediately walked out.

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