chapter 3

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Then taehyung texts me saying 'i miss you are you ok why aren't you at class yet' i text back saying im sorry i might be a bit late' i stand up and wash off the blood on my face i have a few cuts and bruises but that normally happens anyways i just need to put a bit of make up on to hide it i look into my bag i take some foundation and concealer out and it fucking empty shit shit shit its empty taehyung is going to see the cuts and the brusies and freak out shitttt im going to skip the rest of school i should have some make up at home for when i meet taehyung later at his house i walk out of the girls toilets as i do taehyung walks out of the class and shouts "Y/N WHERE ARE YOU GOING"he then starts to rush over he looks at my face and see's i have a few cuts and brusies and just as i anticipated he freaked out "WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU I WILL FUCKING KILL THOSE DICKHEAD'S" i then just walk off but he follows and says "i'm not fucking going to leave your side" i then reply with "you have to do your school work i don't want you getting low grades or detention "he then says "i don't care protecting you is more important then getting low grades or detention" at that moment i felt tingly inside,my heart started to beat faster and i started to get flustered, my brother Woozi came over i then sigh taehyung says to me "is that the one who beat you up?" i then reply with "no he's my brother"taehyung then goes "oh okay"Woozi then comes over and say's "oh so you met tae,tae come with us we need to talk to you" i then grab onto taehyung's wrist and say "if you have something to say to taehyung then say it here my dickhead of a brother" he then looks at me shocked but then punches taehyung and says"what the fuck have you done to her you dickhead" i then punch woozi and say "HE'S DONE FUCKING NOTHING HE HASN'T IT WAS THAT BITCHY GIRLFRIEND OF YOURS DICKHEAD NOW LEAVE US ALONE"i then start to get dizzy the last thing i see before i see darkness is taehyung going to catch me and then i fall into complete darkness i wake up in an unfamilar place i don't know where i am i feel a body laying next to me and an arm around my waist i then sit up i'm guessing the person notice's because they move and say "you woke up are you okay are you comfortable let me turn the lights on okay" the person turns the lights on and i see his face it's taehyung i ask "h-how'd i get here" he hesitates to reply but he does "you passed out at school your brother refused to give me the key to your house so i could put you in there so i brung you to my house" i then reply with "can i use your toilet" he say's "of course you can there's an on sweet in this room you see the door there that's the door leading to the on sweet" i then walk into the on sweet have a shower i forgot i haven't got any clothes shit i have to ask taehyung "hey taehyung do you have any clothes i could borrow please"he then replys awkwardly with "i think so" wow i made it awkward taehyung passes me a top and some joggers which are too big for me i put on the top and it looks like a dress i try to put on the joggers and they fall down shit i have to ask taehyung if he has something smaller in my size "hey taehyung do you have any smaller jogger's these don't seem to fit me" he reply's with"i have an idea"he come's back flustered with a pair of boxer's and passes them to me i blush dramatically whilst taking them he then looks down at the floor and stutters a bit whilst saying "t-they should f-fit you" i then reply with "o-okay" we then part ways he goes to what i'm guessing is the kitching and i go back behind the bathroom door and put the boxer's on they fit perfectly well that prove's im short im shorter than taehyung i then leave the bathroom and try to find the kitching and i do as i walk into the kitching i see taehyungs bare back and he has no top on he hears me and turns around he has.......abs he then say's to me"after breakfast would you like me to walk you home" i reply with "o-okay" taehyung then sits down next to me and gives me pancakes i eat them before he finishes and he say's"did you like them"and giggle's a bit i reply with "they were great you should cook more often"he says "i'll drive you home now i'd love to see where you live"i reply with"it's not as nice as your home i live in an apartment not a house" he goes "thats cool my friends are coming over later instead they'd love  to meet you can you come?" i reply with "sure i'd love to meet them too" he say's "that's great,i have something to tell you later too"i reply with"really?" he says "yep,let me get a top on and then i will drive you" "okay"is what i reply with i then watch taehyung walk up the steps one by one he looks so handsome no matter what he's doing he's handsome i think i love him as he walk's back down i stand up  and admire his looks and his beauty he is so amazing but he looks angry he looks mad he looks like something has happened that has made him mad as he come's towards me he......


thank you for reading this this chapter was 1007 words long i love you all have a good day good bye~~

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